How to Fix Galaxy S6 Edge Auto Brightness Problem

Some of Galaxy S6 Edge owners report that they find problem with their phone auto-brightness. The problem is the auto brightness keeps turned on although the phone users already turn it off. It is quite irritating because the auto-brightness keeps working when users not need it.

It is not comfortable for Galaxy S6 Edge owners to use their phone when it not works normally as it expected by users. The following are options that you can choose in order to overcome your phone auto-brightness problem.

How to Fix Galaxy S6 Edge Auto Brightness Problem

One of the options to overcome your phone auto-brightness problem is by ensuring that you are not ticking the auto box beside the brightness option. You can do it by going into Settings then please tap Display. You will see an Auto box next to Brightness and please make sure that it is not ticked or keep unchecked.

You can turn the brightness up to the maximum before placing your Galaxy S6 Edge into a dark and then a light environment. You also can try to shine a torch on the sensor as the supplementary.

Other option is this potential solution that you can try by perform software update on your phone. Some people who use Galaxy S6 Edge report that they could fix the phone auto-brightness problem by a software update. Although there also some others that claim they never get the same problem with this and never try the same option, it is quite worthy to try this option by yourself.

If you have the same problem about phone auto-brightness, you can complain to Samsung and wait for an update from Samsung to overcome your problem. You can keep an eye on the software update from Samsung by checking it via Settings, then tap About Device and choose Software Update and please choose Update Now.

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