How to Fix Galaxy Note 5 Wi-Fi Problems

Some people who have the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 may find some problem in their internet connections, whether the connection does not want to connect or to disconnect, or whether the connections are slow. Well, it is about the Wi-Fi connection.

This smartphone sometimes does not want to connect to a specific network, though it is working on some different networks. Once it is connected the speed is very slow.

How to Fix Galaxy Note 5 Wi-Fi Problems

This problem is common for new smartphones. There is way to fix Galaxy Note 5 Wi-Fi problems.

Some steps you need to do are turning the phone off and on again. Hold the Power button of your Galaxy Note 5, and click on the Power Off. Besides the phone, turn off and on the router also.

The next step to do is going to Settings > Wi-Fi. Find the network that does not want to connect, tap and hold, and choose the Forget Network preference. After that, turn the Wi-Fi off and on it again.

The next problem you may find is the Wi-Fi connection disconnecting. One way to fix Galaxy Note 5 Wi-Fi disconnecting problems is by going to Settings > Wi-Fi and tap More at the top right.

Make sure that Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep is set to Always. Along with that action, check your router also, check your router manufacturer website to see if there is a firmware update.

You cannot connect because of the line is too crowded, this also may happen to you. Wi-Fi Analyzer app will help you to see whether the line is too crowded or not.

If all the things do not work for you, the last thing to fix Galaxy Note 5 Wi-Fi problems is by doing factory reset. Back up anything important, and go to Backup and reset > Factory data reset > Reset device.

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