How to Fix Galaxy Note 5 S Pen Jammed Problems

For those who purchase Galaxy Note 5 may find some problems on their S Pen, whether it is not responsive or not working anymore. This is the common problem that you will find when having this series of smartphone.

What is the cause then? Putting the S Pen in wrong way will trigger some problems. Yet, there is some ways to how to fix Galaxy Note 5 S Pen Jammed problems.

How to Fix Galaxy Note 5 S Pen Jammed Problems

If you have the previous series Galaxy Note, the pen should be placed on nib first, and in this series, you can slide it in its end, and this is the cause of its damage since it can be stuck. When doing this, some people will break the detection feature.

What you need to do to prevent this is of course not putting the end of the S Pen first to the Galaxy Note 5. Make this becomes your habits, making sure that you click the end to make it sure that it is on a right place before you insert it.

This will be easy to do. Remember that the stuck part is the end of the Pen. What you can do is that you can attach small rubber or small piece of tape at the end of the Pen so that it does not fit backward easily.

How to fix Galaxy Note 5 S Pen Jammed problems, then. Whenever it is stuck, do not force to take the pen, for it can cause the detection feature be damaged.

Cut a piece of paper or really thin card the same length as the S Pen and slide it in the side where the stylus is stuck, you can watch the video here.

Yet, when it is already broken, call the service center of Samsung to make it fixed. If your phone is still under warranty, the service will be free.

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