How to Fix Galaxy Note 5 Freezing Screen Problems

Some owners of Galaxy Note 5 sometimes also find problem on its screen. It is screen freezing that happens randomly. Sometimes you will find the screen becomes unresponsive for some seconds, between two to five seconds, but after that it works normally again.

Well, there are some causes that make this thing happens and also some ways to fix Galaxy Note 5 freezing screen problems.

How to Fix Galaxy Note 5 Freezing Screen Problems

This smartphone is very thin, especially on its edge and sides. Sometimes you are unintentionally press the part of the screen and feeling like the screen is freezing. Thus, there is no problem with the phone.

It is just because you accidentally press the screen when holding it. Then, to avoid this happens again, use case to protect the phone and your hands to touch the screen accidentally.

If the problem continues, try to turn the phone off and on it again. If it still does not work, then try to perform wipe cache partition, by holding the Volume Up, Home, and Power button together. You will go to a recovery menu.

After the recovery system showed, choose the Wipe Cache Partition. Use the Volume Down to highlight it, and use Power button to select it. If the process is done, then press Power to select reboot system now.

If after perform wipe cache partition, you still experience the screen freezing, then it maybe certain apps which cause the freezing. The way to fix Galaxy Note 5 freezing screen problems caused by apps is by try to uninstall one by one and test.

Alternatively you can back up anything important and doing factory reset, then install apps selectively and test after each one. To perform factory reset, just go to Backup and reset > Factory data reset > Reset device.

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