How to Fix Galaxy Note 5 Fast Charging Problems

One great feature for having Galaxy Note 5 is its fast charging feature that will help you to charge it fast, for only 30 minutes, from 0 to 50%. Thus, you only will need an hour to make it full charged. This is great since the common smartphones need at least two hours to charge until it is full.

Yet, some owners find it does not work properly. When they slide the notification tray, they will find that it charges for 30 minutes and gets 50%, but after that the speed of charging becomes slow, then it will be full after 90 minutes.

How to Fix Galaxy Note 5 Fast Charging Problems

To make it optimum, you need to off the screen and not using it while charging. Well, there are some ways you can do to fix Samsung Galaxy Note 5 fast charging problems.

One important thing to check is the charger itself. Make sure that you use the official charger available especially for the phones. The charger must bring Adaptive Fast Charging on its description. It must be Samsung cable and charger.

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The second thing to check is the source of the electricity. You are permitted to charge from wall socket only. Do not ever use extension cord, surge protector, or computer to charge your phone. Third thing to fix Galaxy Note 5 fast charging problems is by making sure that the phone’s case does not block the cable.

You also can simply unplug the cable and plug it again after finding that the fast charging does not work properly. Some other people also choose to press the cable harder, but of course it can harm the cable and the port of the phone as well. You are not recommended for doing this, since it will deteriorate the part of the phone.

The very last thing to fix Galaxy Note 5 fast charging problem is by contacting Samsung service center, your carrier, or retailer and consulting the problem.


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