How to Fix Galaxy Note 5 Battery Life Problems

People having Galaxy Note 5 are actually rather satisfied with the battery life. But, it does have smaller battery capacity (rated at 3000mAh) from the previous series. It is quite small comparing to the performance of the phone and the specs. Yet, with the fast charging feature, it is quite good actually.

If you have battery life problems with your Samsung Galaxy Note 5, there are some things that can be tried. Poor battery life will hamper you to use and operate your smartphone. So, you have to fix it sooner. Here is the list of the ways on how to fix battery life problems for Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

How to Fix Galaxy Note 5 Battery Life Problems

The very first thing to do is checking the apps that eat the life of your battery. You can go to Settings, tap on Battery and select the Battery Usage to know which apps that consume too much power. Go back to Settings > Battery and you’ll also find an Abnormal battery usage section that inform you which apps that need much power. Start from this first step, you can simply uninstall the apps, or just restrict it.

Power saving mode is another problem solving you can try. This will save the work of your phone, without affecting to the whole functions. Well, sometimes this mode makes some functions do not work, like GPS for instance. The next thing to fix Galaxy Note 5 battery life problems is by using Ultra power saving mode. Yet, it is for emergency only.

If you do not want to uninstall the apps, you can disable the apps that you do not use. Go to Application Manager in Settings, select the All, and just find the apps that you want to disable or uninstall. Yet, make sure that the apps you choose will not affect anything to the whole system. You can search the function of the apps on internet to check whether or not the apps are safe to uninstall or disable.

Greenify is great app to help you hibernate the apps you do not want to work in background. This, of course, will help you to increase the life of your battery. That is what we can do to fix Galaxy Note 5 battery life problems.

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