How to Fix Samsung Galaxy J3 that Won’t Charge

Get to know more about Samsung Galaxy J3 wont charge issue, why it happen, what kind of thing you can do about it and how to deal with this issue once and for all for your convenience.

Samsung Galaxy J3 does have lots of great thing to offer but it is not as perfect as people want to. Owners of this phone have reported that their phone won’t charge fully or it won’t charge at all. This is an alarmingly issue that need to deal right away. Do not make jump to any conclusion and thinking that the phone is already damaged. There are some issues that may cause this problem starting from glitch, system crash or firmware issue that can be solved.

How to Fix Samsung Galaxy J3 that Wont Charge

When you are dealing with this issue, you don’t have to bring it straight to the technician. Follow this systematic troubleshooting procedure that every technician does it in the first place.

Firmware crash check

Firmware plays important part in how your phone works. So when the firmware crash for some reason, it will affect the phone entirely and may lead to this problem. You can perform quick check to find out if the problem happens because of firmware crash or not.

Pull out the battery, after that press and hold Power button for 1 minute. It will drain out the stored electricity in its capacitors. After that, put the battery back, turn it on, and charge it once more. If the phone charges up nicely, then you got this problem solved, but if it’s not, proceed to the next step

Check the whole part of the charging system

In this step, you need to check at least three different part of your phone charging system, the charger or power adapter, the cable and USB charging port.

First, check the charger or power adapter. You can make visual check on your charger to find any debris or corrosion in there. Bring it closer to your nose and smell it. There could be burned component on the inside that lead to this problem. Try to use other charger and if it works just fine, then the real problem is the adapter itself where you can replace it with other charger.

Next in line is the cable. Check for any break or irregularities on the cable. If you find some sort of irregularities, then you can be sure that the cable is the culprit. Replace the cable with other cable with same specification. The thing about cable is that you can wash it and use brush to clean both ends as long as you remember to dry it perfectly.

After that, check the USB charging port. Check for any debris, corrosion, or other thing that may block the current from flowing freely. If it’s dirty, clean it up with soft cloth or Q-tips. If it’s bent, try to straighten it up using toothpick. If you don’t have any idea what to do about it, then you can bring it to local shop and get it fix.

If this wont charging issue happens after the phone fell or get soaked, then you are dealing with physical and liquid damage problem. The only thing that you can do here is to bring it to professional technician to make thoroughly check and repair it.

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