How to Fix Backlight Bleed and Blooming Issue on LG G5

Deal with Backlight Bleed and Blooming Issue on LG G5 – LG G5 is indeed a very powerful phone that comes with lots of exciting features such as new modular system and also nice camera.

But, no matter how perfect a device is, there is always some issue that plagues every device including LG G5. One of the issues that some user has reported is the backlight bleed level that has reached the unacceptable level.

How to Fix Backlight Bleed and Blooming Issue on LG G5

User who reported this issue stated that bright patches (the patches is very similar to bleeding marks, hence the name), appear at the corner or on the edges of display. This patch makes the user feel very uncomfortable while using their LG G5.

Another similar issue is blooming issue, where the picture starts to bloom or distort when the user press on the display. Both issues are very annoying and it leads people to believe that there is problem with the QA issues or the quality of the phone itself.

If you own an LG G5 or any other device and you want to test the backlight quality, then you can use a specific app such as Backlight Bleed Test app. With this app you can test the backlight quality of your device and see whether it meet your expectation or not.

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Back the main issue that we talk about before, the blooming and backlight bleed. If you find that your LG G5 has this kind of issue and it’s already reach the level where you feel so annoyed and very uncomfortable using it, then do not hesitate.

You must contact your retailer, your carrier or straight to LG manufactures. Ask for a replacement handset, the one who has no such issue where you can enjoy the entire feature that LG G5 has to offer without have to deal with the issue on its screen and display for your enjoyment.

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