How to Fix Apple Watch Problem: Poor Battery Life

Short Battery Life Issue on Apple Watch – In general, Apple Watch should be able to last for a day before you need to charge it, but if you notice that it going down faster than it should, and then you got some problem that you can solve right away.

Apple Watch does have some problem with battery life, but in most cases it will be able to last for a day. If you find that the battery don’t last that long, you got a problem. No need to worry though, because you can work around this issue and solve it right away.

How to Fix Apple Watch Problem: Poor Battery Life

You can start by turning off anything that you don’t need in your Apple Watch. Go to Notification setting and turn anything that you rarely use. You also can reduce the brightness of the screen so it uses less battery.

Apple Watch has two special modes that able to help you save more battery power. The first one is Power Reserve Mode that you can access from the slider that will open when you press and hold the side of Apple Watch. There is also the Power Saving Mode that you can access from Apple Watch app in your iPhone.

You also can change specific setting that will wake up the screen of your Apple Watch every time you move your wrist. Go to Settings > General > Wake Screen and then toggle OFF the Wake Screen on Wrist Raise option.

What about turning Apple Watch off and on again? Press and hold the side of Apple Watch until the slider appears and you can find the button to turn off this device and don’t forget to turn it back on.

If you suspect that an app is the culprit, and then uninstalls it. Just tap and hold the screen until the apps icons start to shake around, and then tap the app you want to uninstall and choose “Delete App”.

Last thing that you can do is delete every content and setting on your Apple Watch. This option is available on Settings app. Make sure to set the whole thing up once you reset your device, and it should help to keep the battery to last for a whole day.

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