How to Fix Apple Watch Problem: Bluetooth Won’t Connect

Problem with Bluetooth Connection on Apple Watch – Bluetooth connection issue such as unable to connect or keep disconnect was found on some Apple Watch and there are some possible solutions and workaround that you can try to fix this issue.

Do you find that Bluetooth connection in your Apple watch is disappointing because it keep disconnect from your iPhone or when you use it for the headphones? There are many reports regarding the same issue and there are a couple of things that you can try to deal with this annoying glitch.

Fix Apple Watch Problem: Bluetooth Won’t Connect

Start by make change in the distance between your Apple Watch and the device. Even though you only make small change in distance, you may find that it really works for this issue.

If the problem happens with music streaming and Bluetooth headphones, then try to turn OFF the Bluetooth on your iPhone after you sync the playlist into your Apple Watch. You should be able to enjoy the music without any disconnection problem.

What about trying to turn OFF and turn ON your Apple Watch. It usually works for many devices and you can try to do this. Press and hold the side of your Apple Watch until you see the slider and then drag the Power OFF button to the right. Once it turns off completely, you can turn it back on by press and hold the side button of the watch.

If the problem only happens when you connect it with iPhone, then you can try to turn Bluetooth feature on iPhone OFF and ON. Or you can simply turn the Airplane mode ON and OFF, before you can check the connection once again. You also can try to unpaired Apple Watch from your iPhone, by going to Apple Watch > Unpair Apple Watch > Unpair. Leave it for while, and then pair them back again

The last thing that you can do is erase the entire setting and content on your Apple Watch. You can do this from Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Setting. After that, set the whole thing again and hopefully this Bluetooth connection issue won’t bother you anymore.

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