How to Factory Reset or Hard Reset on Galaxy Note 5

Guide to Factory Reset on Galaxy Note 5 – If you notice, there are many issues that happen to a tablet or smartphone such as Galaxy Note 5 that can be solved by performing factory reset.

As the name stated, this action will bring the device back to its factory state, with no additional or third party app and also no data stored inside its internal memory.

How to Factory Reset on Galaxy Note 5

That is the main reason why factory reset is very much recommended for problems that arise because of the complication that happen between the apps on the device.

OTA update for Android is one of those moments that usually bring some issue to the device. Somehow, a new OTA update didn’t work or didn’t really fit in with the rest of the system and it caused some issue such as slower performance, problem with battery life, unable to boot issue and so on.

Remember that a smartphone and tablet is a very complex device and an additional thing like an update will make the whole thing more complicated and it doesn’t always work well.

That is why factory reset become more and more popular because it allow people to reset the whole thing in their device, wipe out all data and other things that may clogged the system and start it all new.

Since this action will wipe out everything, it is always recommended to back up the entire data through any means such as using special software such as Samsung Smart Switch and Samsung Kies on a PC.

The owner can connect their device to the PC and back up the whole data and they can restore it back to their device once they finished with their factory reset.

Soft Factory Reset on Galaxy Note 5

Soft factory reset is the way where people can perform factory reset while the device is still on. This is the easiest way to perform factory reset and all they need to do is:

  1. Go to Settings application.
  2. Find the “Backup and Reset” option on Settings menu.
  3. Choose “Factory Data Reset” option.
  4. When more menu appear, choose “Reset Device” option.
  5. Confirm the process by tap on the “Delete All” option.
  6. The process will begin and the owner need to wait it up until it finished and boot back to normal mode.

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Hard Factory Reset on Galaxy Note 5

If for some reason, the owner unable to boot into normal mode on their device or when bootloop is happen, then they can perform hard factory reset. It required people to go into a different route in order to do factory reset, but the result is just the same. Here is how to do hard factory reset:

  1. Boot Galaxy Note 5 into Recovery Mode.
  2. By using Volume Up and Down button, navigate through the available option in Recovery Mode menu and highlight “Wipe Data / Factory Reset” option.
  3. Use Power button to select this option.
  4. Confirm this selection once again by using Volume Down button to highlight “Yes” option and use Power button to select it.
  5. Now the process will start and all you need to do is wait until the process complete and your device boot back into normal mode.

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