How to Factory Reset / Hard Reset the Nexus 5X

Guide to do Factory Reset on Nexus 5X – There are reasons why you may want to do factory reset on your Nexus 5X. Perhaps you have it for quite some time and it already become a little bit sluggish, or perhaps you want to sell it out and you want to make sure that the buyer will receive a device with good performance and no personal data of yours in there.

But the most common reason why people perform factory reset is to solve the unsolved problem with their device. Over time and use, complications may happen to the already complicated system of a smartphone and factory reset may be the only solutions to deal with it.

How to Factory Reset / Hard Reset the Nexus 5X

The factory reset process itself is actually pretty easy. But do remember that factory reset will erase the app you installed as well as any data you have in your internal memory so make sure to back it all up before you do this so you can transfer it back later.

There are two ways to do it, the soft way or the hard way. Both works with the same result, the only difference is the way you access factory reset option. With the first way or soft factory reset, you do this from Settings app, while for the second way or the hard factory reset; you do it from recovery mode.

Let’s start on soft factory reset. In this method, you don’t have to go far. Just open Settings application on your Nexus 5X and find the “Backup & Reset” option. Tap on this option and don’t forget to tap on “Reset Phone” button that located on the bottom of the screen. Now proceed with tap on the “Erase Everything” button and wait it to do its job to perform complete factory reset on your device.

Now, we can move to the second method, the hard factory reset. You can do this if you can’t boot your phone in its regular mode or when you are having bootlop. Here is how to do it:

  1. As usual, turn OFF your phone first.
  2. Boot into Fastboot Mode.
  3. From Fastboot Mode, boot again into Recovery Mode.
  4. On recovery mode menu, find the “Wipe Data / Factory Reset” option using Volume Up and Volume Down and don’t forget to highlighted it.
  5. Use Power button to select this option.
  6. Confirm this action by choosing “Yes, Delete All User Data” option that will pop up right after you select factory reset option.
  7. Now you wait until the factory reset process is completed. Be patient because it may take a while.
  8. When the process is done, find the “Reboot System Now” option on the menu and select it using Power button. It should boot the device back to regular mode and now you can see that it has the same setting just like when the first time you unboxing it.

Now you can restore your data and application back so you can use it again. The best thing about it is that you will have the feel of using a new phone once again with no issue or whatsoever.

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