How to Factory Reset / Hard Reset on LG G4

Factory Reset / Hard Reset Process on LG G4 – Factory reset should be the last resort when it comes to solve any issue with your LG G4. It is true that factory reset will bring the phone back to its original state and most likely it also will fix any problem with the phone.

The thing is, the owner need to work with it all over again starting by transferring the data they have, installing the 3rd party app they need, set up the system and much more. Sometimes it is too much to deal with but there are times when nothing else will work other than factory reset.

How to Factory Reset / Hard Reset on LG G4

When it comes to factory reset, there are two ways to do it, the soft way or the hard way. Soft factory reset refer to the action where people don’t have to turn off their phone to do it, because they can access it straight from Setting applications.

In the other hand, hard factory reset refer to a longer route to do factory reset because somehow the phone is unable to boot into normal mode, thus people are unable to enter Setting application. Both ways work just the same so you can try it anyway you want.

Start with soft factory reset, where all you need to do is to follow this guide:

  1. Start by go to Settings application
  2. Choose General Tab to view the menu on Settings application
  3. Find the “Backup & Reset” option among the available menu and tap on it
  4. You will find more option, and you need to find “Factory Data Reset” and then tap on it
  5. At the bottom, you will see the option of “Reset Phone”, tap on this option as well
  6. One more thing, tap on the “Erase Everything” option and now the factory reset will begin and all you need to do is wait until it finished and your LG G4 will reboot back to normal mode

If for some reason your phone is unable to boot into normal mode, then you definitely can’t do soft factory reset. It means that the only option that you got is to do hard factory reset. It doesn’t matter if you choose to do this method in the first place, because the final result will be the same.

  1. Turn OFF your device. If somehow you can’t do it the normal way with Power button, just pull out the battery of your LG G4 and wait for a couple of seconds before putting it back
  2. Boot into Recovery Mode first
  3. In recovery mode, you can navigate through the menu using Power Up and Down button, so do not expect to use touch screen
  4. Use those buttons to find and the highlight Wipe Data / Factory Reset option. Use Power button to make the selection
  5. Select the “Yes” option on the first dialog box and another dialog box will also show up to confirm your action. In the second dialog box, select “Yes” and let the factory reset process begin

When the process has completed and your LG G4 has reboot to its normal mode, then you can restore your data and use your phone again normally with no more performance issue or whatsoever.

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