How to Extend Asus ZenFone Series Battery Life

Many of smartphone users report that they find problem about their phone battery. They find that their smartphone battery life is poor. The following are eight ways to extend your Asus Zenfone Series battery life that you can try to avoid the poor battery life issue.

1. Lower your phone screen brightness

You can lower the phone screen brightness to avoid more power usage and to protect your eyes from the brightness of the screen. You can do it by swiping down the notification bar twice the use the slider to change the range of your phone screen brightness.

How to Extend Asus ZenFone Series Battery Life

2. Shortening screen timeout time

Shortening the screen time out time can save more battery usage because it can make your phone goes into sleep mode faster, for example you can make it 15 seconds instead of one minute last.

Please shorten your screen time out time by tapping the Settings, then go to Display, and then tap Sleep, and you can choose the time out option there. You also can change the Cover View screen time out time by going into Settings, then tap ASUS Cover, and please choose Automatic Sleep.

3. Stop unnecessary background apps

You can trim unnecessary background apps to prevent those apps consuming your battery by activating Auto-Start manager. Please tap Auto-Start Manager from notification bar and you can disable some apps that running background process from here.

4. Activate phone Smart-saving mode

You can use smart-saving mode to extend your battery life on Settings > Power management > Power Saver > Battery Modes > Smart-saving mode.

It provides extra toggles for brightness, a feature that turns off internet, and an Extend Standby feature that lowers battery consumption by efficiently managing your push notifications when your phone is in sleep mode.

5. Tap Boost feature from Quick Settings

You can tap Boost on your phone to lower battery consumption and also make your phone run faster. Please swipe down the notification bar twice to find the Boost button and tap it to extend your battery life.

6. Choose Wi-Fi instead of 3G/4G Data

Wi-Fi connection consumes less battery than mobile data because your phone does not need search the network repeatedly. You can extend your phone battery by swiping down from notification bar twice then tap the Wi-Fi icon to activate it.

7. Turn Off Location Services, Bluetooth and NFC while not used

It is quite simple but you must be discipline to turn off any features when you are not using them. Please turn off Location Services, Bluetooth and NFC by swiping down from notification bar twice then tap them.

8. Set up an Auto-switch mode schedule on you phone

Please set up a time interval in Auto-switch mode to save more power of your phone battery. You can do it by tapping the Settings, then tap Power Management, and please choose Power Saver and finally choose Auto-switch mode. It is also recommended to setting it to change to Ultra-saving mode (default option).

It is also useful for you to pick up a ZenPower powerbank for fast and convenient charging for you everywhere and anytime you need.

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