How to Extend Android Battery Life Using Greenify

How to Use Greenify App to Extend Android Battery Life. Lack of battery life, it seems like a classic Android problem that never be solved. Unlike featured phone, smartphone can stay awake only in a few hours or about 8 hours for the most. But in reality, the battery life can be lower than that. This is depending on the usage too.

To improve the battery life, people need to change their habit. Using smartphone only when it’s needed can be a good beginning. But more than that, people also need a battery saver app to make it works better. There are thousands Android battery saver apps out there. Some of them are working just fine. But for the most, they just giving a gimmick.

When you are looking for a true battery saver app, Greenify app can be a good choice. It does amazing job and improve the battery life effectively. But before talking about how to use this app, let’s start it by knowing about Greenify itself.

Greenify is a tool that developed by Oasis Feng and available for free. But how it works? There is one thing to note about Greenify. This app is not a task killer. It does not work by freezing the app or killing the tasks.

In fact, it analyzes the apps and tell the users about the apps which have a great impact to the battery consumption. It can inform the users about the apps that are giving negative impacts to the device performance as well.

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With Greenify, users can hibernate any offending applications or games. The work is pretty simple. Just choose the apps and put it on the list. Next, just let the Greenify to make the job done. This app has 2 hibernate modes, manual and automatic. In the automatic mode, the app will hibernate the apps automatically. Of course it will be much easier for the most users.

When Greenify is active, this app will run on the background. Users can see it from the “+” sign on the top right of the screen. When users need to use it for analyzing the applications or services, they can make it easily just by tapping this sign. And if there are any apps or games running on the background, Greenify will inform it to the users. This information will be useful to make a hibernation list on the future.

How to Use Greenify App to Extend Android Battery Life

How to Extend Android Battery Life Using Greenify

Just like on the previous description, Greenify has 2 modes to extend Android battery life. The first one is the manual mode. Manual mode can be triggered with a shortcut. Maybe it looks funny. Opening an app to hibernate the other apps sounds like something strange. But one thing for sure, manual mode is really good for people who want a full control of their smartphone.

To add the shortcut to the home screen, tap 3 dot menu that can be found on the top right of the Greenify app. And then, tap on “Create Shortcut” and a popup will appear. There will be 2 options here, “Hibernate and Lock the Screen” and “Hibernate the Apps“.

Users can select one of them as they need, and the shortcut will appear on the home screen as they wish. Just like on the title, “Hibernate and Lock the Screen” is a shortcut to hibernate any apps on the hibernation list and lock the smartphone. In the other side, “Hibernate the Apps” will hibernate the apps on the hibernation list without locking the phone.

If you are a user who do not want something troublesome like manual control, you can try the automatic mode. But before activating it, you have to know this. Automatic hibernation comes with some restrictions. For example, you need an Android 4.1 or above to run this mode. You also need to change the setting on Settings > Accessibility and set a permission for the Greenify application. Beside it, you also need to turn off the key guard such as lock screen security or the similar ones. If you turn on the lock screen security, automatic hibernation will never work.

Greenify also has root mode to activate auto hibernation by breaking any requirements. If you have a rooted Android smartphone, you do not need to worry about any requirements. Root mode will allow you to activate auto hibernation much easier.

When automatic hibernation is activated, any applications on the hibernation list will be hibernated after the screen is off. It sounds really good, isn’t it? But anyway, auto hibernation works better with manual hibernation. By using both of them, you can get a full control and a backup when you forget to hibernate the apps.

Greenify classified the background apps into 2 sections, hibernated section and will hibernate after the screen goes off section. But when you decide to use Greenify and add an application to the list, you have to know about one thing.

The hibernated apps will not be able to show notifications. For that, make sure to pick the right apps. Just choose the apps that does not too important for you but draining much battery. Game is a good example for this. And for communication apps, it will be better to let it run normally.

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Greenify is truly a great app and very useful to improve the battery life. Unlike the most battery saver tools, this app works by hibernating the listed apps without affecting to the core tasks. It means the apps will not affect to the work of the Android smartphone and boosts the performance of the smartphone and focusing the resources to the important tasks only.

Greenify can analyze the running apps and gives a recommendation about the apps that really have the great impact to the battery life. For that, the users can add the apps to the hibernation list as they need.

The other good thing about Greenify is about the license. This app is free. People can use it without spending a penny. For such a useful tool like this, of course it will be so beneficial for the users.

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