How to Enable Wi-Fi Tethering on Sprint Samsung Galaxy Note 5?

Sharing internet connection between friends, partners and colleagues are very useful. There you can start your new meeting topics, enjoying online content together and so on. It is a common way if you are sharing your connection through a dongle. But have you ever consider sharing the internet connection of your android devices?

In this recent time, Samsung has announced Galaxy Note 5 as their newest product. Somehow, people are confuse how to enable wi-fi tethering on Sprint Samsung Galaxy Note 5? This steps seems to be complicated, especially for they who are too afraid to try.

Enable Wi-Fi Tethering On Sprint Samsung Galaxy Note 5

With spacious features on its CPU and GPU, internet connections that are possessed by Galaxy Note 5 would be much faster than any other galaxy phone’s internet speed.

It makes the data access are pretty much faster. It seems a waste if you are only use the fast internet connection just for opening social media, games and downloading music.

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Applying your Note 5 as the main connection host is a good idea. This feature is available on the connection Settings, commonly called as Wi-Fi Tethering. By clicking on this features, you are agree to let someone around you are using your phone data package.

There are some options that you can choose. One of the basic ideas is to turn on your Wi-Fi Tethering features without giving any password on it. If you want to protect it you can turn on the password availability features as well.

But if you are using Sprint, you will see that you cannot use Wi-Fi Tethering function on your Samsung Galaxy Note 5. All the data that are available in its SIM card are only intended for the phone usage.

It can make data consumption of the phone is much saver, however it can be a problem for you who need to be online through PCs. You will not be able to use the same data as well. As the solution, you have to make your phone enable its Wi-Fi Tethering feature.

Enable Wi-Fi Tethering on Sprint Samsung Galaxy Note 5

1. First thing you need is MSL Code, please refer to this article: How to Get MSL Code on Samsung Galaxy Note 5

2. Open the phone dialer and enter: ##3282#

3. Tap on the Edit button in the popup and enter your MSL code and tap OK.

4. Navigate to APN settings from the Mobile Networks menu and open APN2 EHRPD Internet and APN2 LTE Internet individually and change APN Type to default,mms,dun.

5. Save the settings in the both APN configurations and reboot the device.

6. Open Settings > Connections > you will now see Tethering and Mobile Hotspot here. Use this option to make your Samsung Galaxy Note 5 as a WiFi hotspot

8 thoughts on “How to Enable Wi-Fi Tethering on Sprint Samsung Galaxy Note 5?”

  1. When you use this type of tethering capabilities is it tracked by sprint and counted toward your allowable hotspot data? My plan has 3G of hotspot data per month but unlimited data for the month. Thanks!

  2. yah, I actually returned my S6 and got the Note 5 after reading this. went home, called the sprint store (not the customer service) and they gave me my MSL code without asking why or even who I was. Came home, did this, BOOM! no need to root. Awesome and thanks!!!

  3. Thanks for the information. This process worked like a charm. Unless you root your phone, call Sprint to obtain your MSL code. I told them my GPS failed to obtain a lock and the repair shop advised me to obtain the code in order to reset the GPS

  4. I got the MSL code from chatting with CS on line. Didn’t even need a reason. Too bad it does not work with my Galaxy Note 5 with MM.


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