How to Enable Wi-Fi Tethering on Sprint Samsung Galaxy Note 4?

The born of smartphones is the beginning of the future. Smartphones are born in the middle of massive internet development. Now everyone possesses their own smartphone in the hand.

So many brands are available to be purchased. However, the products with high qualities are the only one who will stay in the top notch of the smartphone market. In this case, Samsung Galaxy series are sitting in that position.

Enable Wi-Fi Tethering On Sprint Samsung Galaxy Note 4

One benefits that you will get from Samsung Galaxy series is its complete features and function. If you are business owner, you have to consider choosing Galaxy Note 4.

This phablet is made surely to fulfill productivity in daily office and works. One of the most common functions that are used is using the phablet as a wi-fi hotspot.

The whole function of Wi-Fi tethering can be suspended if you are using Sprint as your mobile data source. This is one of the operators that do not ever allow their customer to spread their phone data.

This kind of rule is really frustrating. Luckily, there is a simple way of enabling WiFi Tethering on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 if the carrier has blocked it.

Enable Wi-Fi Tethering on Sprint Samsung Galaxy Note 4

– Open the phone dialer and enter: ##3282#
– Tap on Edit and enter the MSL code. You can get this code by calling Sprint customer service and make some alibi like slow connection.

– Navigate to APN settings from the Mobile Networks menu and open APN2 EHRPD Internet and APN2 LTE Internet individually and change APN Type to default,mms,dun.
– Save the settings and reboot the device.
– Now open Settings > Connections > you will now see Tethering and Mobile Hotspot here. Use this option to make your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 or Note Edge as a WiFi hotspot

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