How to Enable or Disable Fast Charging on Galaxy S7

How to turn on and off fast charging feature on Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge. Unlike featured phone that can last for days even week with single charging, a smartphone usually only lasted a day. Most owners will come home and plug the charger to refill the battery power on their phone so they can use it the next day.

If they think that the battery won’t last for the whole day, they can always carry a spare battery or a power bank to make sure that the phone will stay on all day long.

How to Enable or Disable Fast Charging on Galaxy S7

Most flagship smartphone in this day already used non removable battery, means that spare battery is no longer the answer and people usually opt for power bank or a fast charging feature that allow them to charge their phone to almost full in capacity in a very short amount of time.

Fast charging feature is one of the available features on Samsung Galaxy S7 and indeed it has its benefit. But in the other hand, some people worry that using fast charging feature can damage their phone specifically the life span of the battery, because this type of charging will heat the battery more than regular charging.

There is not enough proof that fast charging can caused this kind of damage, but just to be on the safe side, people can learn how to enable or disable this feature in Samsung Galaxy S7. Just follow this simple guide on how to enable or disable fast charging feature on Galaxy S7:

  1. Go to Settings application, where people can set different part of the phone settings.
  2. Find “Battery” option and click on it.
  3. There will be “Fast Charging” option. People can simply toggle it to turn it off or to turn it back on.
  4. Go back to home screen and now try to charge the phone and see whether the setting has work or not.

It was as easy as that. No complicated steps, no need to enter any code or whatsoever. In no time, people can have this feature on or off, depend on their personal preference.

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If they are in the middle of something and need to be hurry, turning on this feature is a good idea because it will help to reduce the amount of time needed to charge the phone greatly. But if people are relaxed and simply do not hurry for something else, then turn off this feature is something that they can do anytime.

Not everyone wants to turn off or disable this feature on their phone. This is up to the phone owner itself. But this ability of enable or disable one among so many features on a phone is great welcoming news. It gives the owner more freedom to customize the phone the way they want it to be and fully control it.

In the end of it, it is up to the user how they use their phone wisely if they really want to keep the life span on the battery and have it for years ahead, whether they use fast charging feature or not.

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