How to Enable One Handed Mode on Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge

Guide to Enable One Handed Mode in Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge – Some people find that big size smartphone is the one that they are looking for because it allow them to enjoy most of the things that was displayed on the smartphone such as movie, music, games and so on. But, it also means that people must use both hands in order to be operating big size smartphone.

While it should not be a problem for some people, there are people who loves the simplicity of using one hand to operate their phone, which is impossible to do with big size smartphone. This mixed opinion also plagues the user of Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. Some feel that the size of the phone is good enough while other still find it a little too big for their small hand.

How to Enable One Handed Mode on Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge

So, what are you going to do? The best solution is to enable one handed mode. This is a special mode that was put by Samsung, to give people an ability to operate the device by only using one hand. This special mode can be found in Settings application, but not many people aware of this existence and they end up using both hands to operate the device.

If you find that you really want to try this special one handed mode, then you can follow this simple guide to enable it on your device right now:

  1. Go to Settings app on your device.
  2. Find the “Advanced Features” option on Settings menu and tap on it.
  3. Look for the “One Handed Operation” option and tap on it.
  4. There you will find the options of “Reduce Screen Size” and “One Handed Input” option. Enable one among both options and there you have the one handed mode ready to use.

Now, there are two options to choose, the Reduce Screen Size and One Handed Input. Each options works a little differently but equally, where it gives you the ability to operate the phone with only one hand.

Reduce Screen Size, is the first option to take. The name dictates the result where it will shrink the size of the screen and move it to the corner of your phone.

When you enable this option, you can use this feature anytime you want simply by tapping the Home button three times in a row. The screen will shrink to the size that you can manage with one hand and you can do whatever you used to do with the phone using only one hand.

In the other hand, One Handed Input will move the keyboard to the corner where the phone works in full screen. This is the best option to choose if you only want to type the number or text using one hand and still want to see everything in a full screen.

Both options works great for everyone hence it managed to meet everyone need. You can choose the option that able to meet your personal need and still able to enjoy the great things that comes from having big size smartphone.

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