How to Enable OEM Unlock on Android Device

Guide to Enable OEM Unlock Protective Feature – Some people may not realize that their Android device, especially the one that use Android 5.0 Lollipop or later version has a specific feature called OEM Unlock.

This is a protective feature that was designed to protect the device from someone who are trying to unlock the bootloader or the device. Why do this kind of feature is needed? This feature is needed in case the Android device get lost or stolen.

How to Enable OEM Unlock on Android Device

The thief who manages to unlock bootloader on the device will be able to flash a custom recovery or execute ADB commands. When they can do that, they can perform factory reset, thus make the device comes back in clean state and ready to sell without anyone else able to track it down.

This is where this special feature of OEM Unlock comes handy. With this feature, the thief won’t be able to unlock the bootloader without using the pin code, pattern or password that has been set up before, thus make it harder to sell it back and it gives the real owner bigger chance to find the stolen phone.

As for the owner of the device, knowing how to enable OEM Unlock is very precious information so they can unlock the bootloader on their device and make change that they want.

Remember that this guide was meant for Android device owner who want to unlock the bootloader on their device and not just something to play around. Make sure that you understand exactly what you are going to do after you enable this specific feature in order to get the best result or you are going to mess up the whole thing.

If you think that you are ready to do it, then follow this simple guide to enable OEM Unlock protective feature in your Android device:

  1. Enable Developer Mode first. By enabling this special mode, you get the access to do things that usually only the developer of the app or the system that has access to and it makes you like a developer as well.
  2. On the Developer Mode section or menu, locate the “OEM Unlock” option
  3. Now you can enable this option by check on the box or toggle it to the right

That is all, and now you already enable OEM Unlock that allows you to unlock the bootloader in your device. Remember to unlock the bootloader only through official means, just to get you out of trouble.

Enable OEM Unlock protective feature is only the beginning of what you can do with your Android device. Once you unlock it, you can unlock the bootloader as long as you know what you are doing.

Once you finish doing it, then it is highly recommended to disable it once more so there will be no one else who have access to the bootloader system on your device and play with it. This protective feature was designed to protect you and your device, so you better make use for your own sake.

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