How to Enable Developer Mode on Android Device

Tutorial on Enabling Developer Mode on Android – Many people or in this case Android user didn’t realize that there are more features that are available in their device that was hidden in Developer Mode.

This special mode is available in every single device with Android platform so you may find it on your current device as well.

How to Enable Developer Mode on Android Device

Developer Mode gives people the access to different things such as the ability to show touches on the screen, access to USB debugging mode, allow the user to get control on the background task limits and other things like that.

It basically gives people like you an access that the developer used to use to set the device as well as other things about it.

Now, the question is how do you enable Developer Mode on your Android device? It is actually very simple and easy, and it can be applied on every single Android device no matter what it is and where it comes from.

You can follow this step by step guide to enter or to enable Developer Mode right away:

  1. Go to Settings application on your device
  2. On Settings menu, find the “About Phone” or “About Device” or simply “About” option, just like the one you can find in Android wear device. Tap on it
  3. On the “About Device” menu, you will find lots of options. Locate the “Build Number Section” on it
  4. After you located the section, tap on it 7 times in row without stopping. This action should activate the countdown and a message will appear that remind you that you are about to enter Developer Mode
  5. The countdown will continue for every tap you make the tap until it reach the end and a message will appear on the screen saying that “You are now a developer!
  6. Once you enter this Mode, you can go back to main Settings page and find “Developer Options“. Tap on it, where it will bring you to a new page that contain lots of option that allow you to do something or to make change on specific aspect of your Android device

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As you can see, the whole steps are very easy to follow. But, that is not the same when it comes on the inside of Developer Mode. There are many options and action that you can do in this mode, but you need to stick only on the things that you really know and understand.

Making some change on the aspect of the phone that you don’t really understand can change the way the phone operated and this is not something that you want to happen.

So, when you want to make change on the way your phone work such as enable USB debugging mode, then you can enter this Developer Mode to do that. This special mode does allow you to do different things and give you the sense of being the developer of the phone.

The only thing that you must remember is that you must have full understanding on what you are doing, or you will create an issue that is not present before.

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