How to Enable App Drawer on Your LG G5

Enable App Drawer on LG G5 – One of interesting thing about LG G5 that people will notice immediately is that there is no application drawer. Every single app that is available in the phone will be added to home screen, which is very similar to an iPhone.

Some people won’t even realize it, but for some, especially those who are very used to with Android smartphone style with its home screen and app drawer will feel something is missing.

How to Enable App Drawer on LG G5

People need to know that this setting is default, which means that people can do something about it they really want to get an app drawer on their LG G5. The basic thing that LG G5 owner can do is to set it up from Settings application.

It is very simple, go to Settings > Display > Home Screen > select Home and tap EasyHome. That’s it, and now people can enjoy app drawer in their LG G5, though it will automatically makes the font bigger than before.

For those who want to have a more styled look about the way their app drawer looks like can install a third party launcher app. There are so many options to choose from Play Store such as Nova Launcher and Google Now Launcher. Install a specific app like this will work a long way to give some personalization style on the phone itself.

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Perhaps the best solution that people can apply is to install LG Home 4.0. This setting will bring back the app drawer back to device once more. People can find it by opening the LG SmartWorld app, on their LG G5 and find this LG Home 4.0 app, download it and install it to make it work.

Every single method above will work great to enable app drawer once again on LG G5, which will make people happy, especially for who feel lost without it.

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