How to Disable TouchWiz on Samsung Galaxy Smartphone

Samsung is coming back with their latest product known as Galaxy S6. It comes with great design and features. The problem is that it seems that people don’t really like the TouchWiz skin.

In this case, the users of Galaxy S6 hope that they are using a minimalist smartphone. The most important thing is that they want to use a clean smartphone which is totally an Android. In contrast, Galaxy S6 is loaded with dumb gestures, useless apps, and uninteresting color scheme.

The good news is that you can just remove the Touchwiz skin by doing several simple steps. Later, you can use clean Galaxy S6 just like pure android devices. Several tips in this tutorial also can be applied to another Samsung Galaxy phone like Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S5, Galaxy S7, and Galaxy Note 4.

Install the launcher first

The first thing to do to remove TouchWiz skin is by installing third party launcher first. The function of this launcher is act as a home screen replacement app. You just need to go to the Play Store to install one of third party launchers. For your reference, you can just install Nova Launcher, Apex Launcher or Google Now Launcher.

When the launcher is ready, just press the HOME button, then you will be directed to select a new default home screen app. Just select your new launcher from the list and tap “Always”. By following these short steps, the home screen of your Galaxy S6 will have the clean look like stock Android.

Disable Samsung Touchwiz Install Third Party Launcher
Select Launcher and tap Always

Remove the Bloatware Apps

What makes TouchWiz is uncomfortable for Samsung Galaxy S6 is about the bloatware apps. The worse thing is that those apps can’t be uninstalled or removed without root. Because of that, it is better for you to have a Windows program known as Debloater Tool.

The function of this program is to remove or uninstall the apps without root. The good thing is that you can use this program easily without any kind of problems. The only thing you should do is to install a third party replacement app to regain the functionality.

Disable Samsung Touchwiz with Debloater Tool
Disable Samsung Touchwiz with Debloater Tool

Use Stock Android Apps to Replace Samsung Apps

To get clean Android in your beloved Samsung Galaxy S6 it is better to remove the TouchWiz apps and replace it with stock Android apps. It is easy for you because Google has recently started publishing several stock Nexus apps so you can get it from Play Store. There are main apps you must have to try such as Google Calendar, Google Clock and Google photos.

Disable Samsung Touchwiz Install Google Stock Apps
Google Stock Apps

Install Material Design Theme

The last tips to remove TouchWiz interface on Samsung Galaxy phone is by installing material design theme. Samsung Galaxy S6 and other latest Samsung phone has built in Theme Store.

To try this feature, just go to “Settings” and find “Themes” option. Just choose “Theme Store”, scroll down a bit and tap “More” button next to the “Modern & Simple” category.

Disable Samsung Touchwiz Download Theme Store
Samsung Theme Store

You will see a list and what you have to do is choosing “Material” theme by Samer Zayer. To run the action, just don’t forget to tap the “Download” button. When the download process is finished, you can continue by pressing “Apply”. In short time, you will see your Galaxy S6 has a new look like stock Android.

Disable Samsung Touchwiz Material Design Theme
Apply Material Design Theme

What you need to know that the change of the theme will give effect to the Apps icon. This is including the change of the notification tray and the Settings menu.

Hopefully, the steps above help you to make your Samsung Galaxy S6 becoming more comfortable to use just like what you really need.

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