How to Disable Flipboard Briefing on Galaxy S7 Home Screen

How to Disable Flipboard Briefing on Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge? Flipboard Briefing is a great app that Samsung comes up with, where it act as a personalize magazine for the user.

This app allows user read feed and gets the news from all around the world easily based on the user interest. It also brings an aesthetic appearance on the design, where it will please the eye.

Disable Flipboard Briefing on Galaxy S7 Home Screen

There are reasons why some people want to disable this app. For one, the Flipboard Briefing has its own dedicated panel that occupies the leftmost of home screen panel. It could be very annoying for some people who simply don’t want to have too many things appear on the screen of their Samsung Galaxy S7. That is only one reason, while other reasons are:

  • The owner of the phone simply didn’t like this app.
  • The owner has their doubt about privacy matter.
  • Owner love the standard Flipboard app. It allows the owner to customize the appearance of the app using widget style. By using widget, the owner can place it anywhere they want and resize it the way they like.
  • This app may use lots of battery power and drain the battery faster. It also use data connection quietly and quickly, because it work in the background.

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How to Turn Off Flipboard Briefing on Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge?

Follow these steps in order to disable this Flipboard Briefing. It works for Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge, where both has the same app.

  1. Start in home screen. It means that you need to close anything your doing with your device and go back to home screen either by tap the home button or tap back button several times.
  2. On the home screen, tap and hold any blank area. Simply tap and hold anywhere that you like as long as it was blank area.
  3. When you tap and hold it long enough, it will bring you to Edit mode.
  4. Go to Flipboard Briefing panel by simply swipe it from left to right, or tap the leftmost part of the screen.
  5. On the Flipboard Briefing panel, you will see a switch on the top right. You can toggle with this switch to disable it or in case you need it back, you can toggle it and enable it sometimes in the future.
  6. Now you already disable it, you can go back to home screen by tap home button, back button or anywhere that you want in the screen.

Now you can see that the Flipboard Briefing is no longer appear on the left screen of your device and you can resume you activity with your Galaxy S7.

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