How to Clear the Cache at LG V10

Many LG V10 users report that it is common to take factory reset to overcome various problems at their phone. However, it is also common to take Clear the Cache to overcome various problems at the phone.

For your information, there are two kinds of cache in LG V10. The first cache is the app cache, and the second is system cache. All the apps on the LG V10 have those own cache and those all are installed on each app. The following are the explanations on how to Clear the Cache on your LG V10.

How to Clear the Cache at LG V10

The first option is how to clear app cache on the LG V10. This is the best option for problems that are just happening on a specific app. Please turn on your LG V10, then go to Settings and choose Application Manager.

Please see the applications on the list and choose selected apps that you want to choose and tap Clear Data and Clear Cache available in each app. Those are steps to clear cache on certain apps.

The next is the way to clear the cache for all apps. Please go to Settings and then choose Storage, then tap Cached data, and tap OK. This action will delete all information like passwords, game progress, preference and system settings.

If those options are not helping to overcome your LG V10 problem, you can perform wipe cache partition. Please turn off your phone, then press and hold together the Volume up, Home, and Power button for several seconds.

You will enter android recovery mode, please highlight Wipe Cache Partition with Volume button and use Power button to select it. Then please highlight Yes with Volume down and use Power button to select it. When the process is complete, you can select Reboot System now to reboot your device.

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