How to Clear Cache and Clear Data on Samsung Galaxy S6

Guide to Clear App Cache and App Data on Samsung Galaxy S6 – Glitches on an app that happen randomly or after the owner updating the app or the Android system on their Samsung Galaxy S6 do happen to many people.

What is actually going on and what makes this kind of thing happen? There are lots of possibilities in this case, but perhaps the problem laid on the data of the app itself, whether it comes from the actual data or the cache data.

How to Clear Cache and Clear Data on Samsung Galaxy S6

If that is the source of the problem, what can people do about it, especially when it happens to an app that they need the most?

The answer is simple, just clear out the app cache and app data of that specific app. It will bring the app to a new clear state that should help to solve the problem, if the problem laid on the data of the app.

While clearing app cache will only clear the cache, clear the app data will erase any data regarding the app. It could be account information, game progress, and everything else depend on the type of the app. But that can be helped if the owner really wants to resolve the problem without have to uninstall the app.

Now, clear app cache and app data is two different things but in most cases people need to perform both of it. The process is very simple because the option to clear app cache and app data is located in the same area, so there is need to move around.

If you want to try this solution to solve your problem, then you can follow this simple guide:

  1. Go to Settings application on your Samsung Galaxy S6.
  2. Find Applications option on Settings menu and tap on it.
  3. On Applications menu, tap on “Application Manager” option.
  4. Swipe over the screen to bring it to the All column that listed every single app that you have in your phone.
  5. Find the troubled app. Different person may have problem with different app so what you need to do is to find the app where you find glitches. If you have more than one app that is troubled, then you can do this again after you finishes with the first app.
  6. When you already tap the troubled application, you will enter the page that explain everything about the app. This is also where you can find the “Clear Cache” button that gives you the access to clear the cache of this app. Choose this button and let it do its job.
  7. If you also want to clear app data, then find the “Clear Data” button that is also located in the same page. It will clear the app data in no time.

Whether you choose to clear app cache only or with app data, you need to restart your device after it. It will help to make the changes take effect and now you can try to relaunch the troubled application to see whether the same problem or the same glitches still present or not.

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