How to Clear Cache and Clear Data on LG G4

Clear App Cache and App Data on LG G4 – Do you find that one or even more than one app that you installed in your LG G4 is having some issue? If that so, then do not need to worry because you are not the only one who have the same problem.

Before you freak out, remember that a smartphone is a very complex system and with all updates for the OS as well as the app, there is bound to be problem happen mostly because the update doesn’t or not yet work fully with the whole system.

How to Clear Cache and Clear Data on LG G4

That is one among many possibilities that could be the reason why your app and your smartphone start to acting out. When it happens, you can do lots of different thing, including performing factory reset.

But let’s save factory reset as the last resort because there are other simpler action that you can do to solve the problem.

One solution that you can try is to clear app cache and app data on your LG G4. The app cache and app data was build by the system to makes the app work faster. But those data could get corrupted for many different reasons and clearing those will give you cleaner state that could solve the problem, especially with the app

First thing that you can do is clear app cache. Clear app cache won’t erase any data you have in your phone and your app, so it is very safe to do. Here is how you can clear app cache on LG G4:

  1. Go to Settings application on your device
  2. Find “Application Manager” on the Settings menu
  3. Go to All Column option on the Application Manager by swipe it over
  4. Find the name of the troubled application that you want to work on and tap on it
  5. When you tap the name of the app, it will bring you to the page that describes everything about the app. Among so many information there, find the box that say “Clear Cache”. Once you found it, tap on it
  6. Wait until the app cache has been cleared out completely before you can go back and reboot the device in order to make the change take places

Sometime clearing app cache is not enough. You also can clear app data to bring an even cleaner state to the app. You can perform clear cache before you clear app data to get the best result. But, clearing app data will erase any data regarding the app such as personal account, game progress and so on.

If you are sure about it, you can start to clear app data on LG G4. The step is same with clearing app cache, but instead of tap the “Clear Cache” box, you need to tap the “Clear Data” option. Once you do this, the whole app data will be erased.

You can reboot your LG G4 and wait until it boot back into normal mode. After that you can try to use the same app and see whether the problem is still there or not.

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