How to Charging Samsung Galaxy S7 Properly

How to Charging Samsung Galaxy S7 Properly. There are times when carrying a battery spare is one thing that many people, to make sure that they still able to use their smartphone when it run out of juice. But things go differently with modern smartphone such as Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge with its non removable battery.

There is no way that people can use spare battery in this device and that leaves people with the options of carrying power bank. First thing first, where people should pay attention not on the spare battery or power bank itself, but on the process of charging their device to make sure that the device is ready to use.

How to Charging Samsung Galaxy S7 Properly

There are several ways to charge Samsung Galaxy S7 and it is up to the user on which one they like to use.

Types of Charger for Samsung Galaxy S7

There are 4 types of charger that people can use to charge their Samsung Galaxy S7 as well as Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. It means there is also 4 ways to charge this device based on the type of charger that was used.

  • Normal charger or wall charger or car charger
  • This is the basic and the most common type of charger that people use with this device. This type allows people to charge different types of phone or in this case Samsung phone as long as it has the same port size. For example, people can use Samsung Galaxy S5 charger to charge Galaxy S7, but pay attention that different phone may have different charging time depend on the current output of the charger and also the phone condition itself.

  • Adaptive charger or fast charger
  • As the name stated, this type of charger is much faster than normal charger where it can reduce charging time quite significantly. This is the type of charger that was included in Samsung Galaxy S7 box. It is possible to use fast charger from other vendor as long as it meet the requirement of this device.

    The charging process work faster with this type of charger because it will recognize the condition of the battery, where it will apply higher voltage and higher charging power. This is also the reason why the phone may grow pretty hot during charging process, but there is no need to be panic because Galaxy S7 has an overheating mechanism to deal with it.

  • Qi/PMA wireless charger
  • Wireless charging allows the charging process to take places without using any cable or whatsoever. Most wireless charging pad that is available in market is compatible with Galaxy S7.

  • Fast wireless charger
  • It works similar with standard wireless charger, but it charge much faster.

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Tips How to Charge Galaxy S7 Properly

No matter what type of charging that people prefer to use for their Samsung Galaxy S7, there are rules to follow, to help maintain the battery lifespan.

  1. Make sure that the battery is already full before disconnect it from the charger.
  2. It will be better to turn off the phone while charging it. It is not entirely necessary to do, but it will prevent user to use the phone when it is being charged.
  3. Do not leave the phone still connected to the charger after it is fully charged. There are times when keep the phone connected to charger long after it is full charged will make the battery swollen. It may not be the case with Samsung Galaxy S7 because so far there is no evidence that it will damage the battery. What people need to be cautious is that the fact that the voltage is not always stable and if surges happen while the phone are still connected, it may cause damage to the battery, the phone or the charger.
  4. Try not to drain the battery completely before charge it up. Unless it is unavoidable, make sure to charge the battery when the battery is low. Draining the battery completely before charge it may cause damage to the battery and also other component in the phone itself.
  5. Only charge the battery when the battery is low and not the other way around. There is no need to charge the phone all the time just to make sure that the battery always full. Charging the phone on and off for several times a day may cause more harm than good. It is advisable to charge the phone when the battery is low at the end of the day.
  6. Battery replacement. Although the battery on Samsung Galaxy S7 is non removable, it doesn’t meant that it can’t be replaced. The owner of Samsung Galaxy S7 can replaced the battery every 18 to 24 months for moderate use or every 12 to 18 months for heavy use.

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How to Use Normal or Wall Charger on Galaxy S7

After understanding how to charge Galaxy S7 properly, now you can learn how to charge it based on the type of charger itself. Let’s start with how to charge Galaxy S7 battery using normal charger or wall charger:

  • Connect USB cable to micro USB port that located in the bottom of Galaxy S7 and make sure that the connection was secure.
  • Connect the other end of USB cable to wall charger and once again make sure that the connection is tight and secure or the charging process will not run at all or it will run very slow.
  • Plug in the charger to the available electric wall socket
  • Wait until the charging process is complete, or when the battery is fully charged.

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When the charging process take places, the LED light on the phone will turn red and in the lock screen there will be information stated that the phone is “charging”. When the charging process has complete, the LED will turn green and this is the time to disconnect the charger from the electric socket and from the phone itself.

On the next article, you can learn more about other types of charging Samsung Galaxy S7, including fast or adaptive charger, wireless charger and fast wireless charger.

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