How to Boot into Safe Mode on OnePlus 3

Learn how to boot your OnePlus 3 into Safe Mode, where it will be part of your troubleshooting action to help you identify whether the third party app in your phone is the culprit for all those problem.

Having third party application installed in your OnePlus 3 is a common thing; in fact your phone won’t be such a valuable device if not for those app. But, it could lead to some problem if the app have bug or it were poorly coded. When it’s happen, problem such as overheating, poor performance, and also battery drain will occur.

Safe Mode on OnePlus 3

If you encounter any problem with your phone, you need to take action. Perhaps the third party app in your phone is the culprit but it is possible that it was not the case. You need to identify the source of your problem before you take further action.

In this case, you can boot your phone into safe mode. In safe mode, all of your third part app will be disabled for a while. If you find that the problem didn’t exist in this special mode, then you can bet that those app is the one that cause you trouble.

OnePlus 3 Safe Mode

How it’s done? Simply follow the guide below that will help you boot your OnePlus 3 into safe mode:

  1. Press and hold Power button for a few seconds just like when you want to power off your phone.
  2. A Power Menu will appear on the screen. Tap and hold the Power Off option for a few seconds.
  3. A dialog box will show up asking whether you want to boot the phone to Safe Mode. Tap OK to proceed.
  4. The phone will power down and rebooting into Safe Mode. Once it finish the process, you will see the Safe Mode watermark at the bottom left of the screen.

Now you had entered safe mode where you can evaluate and see whether the problem that you encounter in normal mode appear or not. If it’s not, then you need to take closer look on every single third part app you have in your phone, and if necessary uninstall it to end the problem.

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