How to Boot Into Safe Mode on Samsung Galaxy S6

Safe Mode is integrated in Samsung Galaxy S6 as a hidden feature to fix problems at your device. This feature is an alternative you can choose while may there is certain apps causing trouble in your phone. The problematic apps may lead to a malfunction of your Android and you can try to find the culprit by activating the Safe Mode.

After you activate the Safe Mode, you will see that your phone does not load any apps from Google Play Store or other third-party apps resources. It just loads the pre-installed apps from Samsung Galaxy S6. Although it’s rarely happen, you may find that your Samsung Galaxy S6 will automatically boot to Safe Mode while it detect problematic apps at your device.

How to Boot Into Safe Mode on Samsung Galaxy S6

Safe Mode is an alternative that you can choose while you find certain problems occurred on your Samsung Galaxy S6. For the examples, you may find some problematic apps that make your phone battery draining easily, the screen becoming unresponsive, or even it reboots randomly by itself and other weird behaviors that occur in your phone.

Those weird behaviors are usually caused by some buggy or incompatible apps that installed in your phone other than the pre-installed apps from the factory. In this situation, you may need to find the problematic apps to uninstall them by activating the Safe Mode.

You may need this Safe Mode also when you are activating Kids Mode on your Samsung Galaxy S6 but you cannot remember the password to exit. The other situation that you may need to activate the Safe Mode is, when your Samsung Galaxy S6 notify you that it is need to boot the Safe Mode because of some strange behaviors from certain apps installed on your phone device.

How to Turn On Safe Mode on Your Galaxy S6?

The following are explanations on how you can activate the Safe Mode on your Samsung Galaxy S6 or Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge:

First Step: Please Turn Off Your Phone

To enter the Safe Mode, you need to power off the phone if your phone is turned on now. You can turn off your phone by pressing and holding the Power button for several seconds. You will see the Power Menu and please tap Power Off to turn off your phone.

Second Step: Please Wait for about Two Minutes

Before you try to turn on your phone again after turning it off, please wait for one or two minutes. So that you can ensure that there is no residual electromagnetic field or residual heat that may affect the life span of your phone. After you wait it for several minutes, you can try to enter the Safe Mode by following the next step.

Third Step: Press and Hold Volume Down and Power button

To start the Safe Mode, please press and hold Volume Down and Power button together. When the screen lights up please release Power button while please keep hold the Volume Down.

Forth Step: Hold Volume Down Until the Lock Screen Appears

You can continue to hold the Volume Down button until you get the Galaxy S6 lock screen. For your information, your Galaxy S6 Safe Mode will change your phone theme with the default one. You will see Safe Mode text at the bottom left of the lock screen.

Fifth Step: Unlock Your Samsung Galaxy S6

Safe Mode does not change your lock screen settings, it means that you have to unlock your phone normally with your lock screen password. After you unlock the phone, you will see your Galaxy S6 home screen shown up and you already in Safe Mode.

You will see that all of apps that installed except the factory version are disappear from our phone home screen. You also will see that those apps are also disappears from your Galaxy S6 apps drawer. In this condition, you will always see a Safe Mode icon at the bottom left of the screen.

You can use this Safe Mode to find the problematic apps and uninstall it as you also can do it while you want get some help to exit from Kids Mode. After you finish using the Safe Mode, you can reboot the phone, please read the next step.

How to Exit from Safe Mode in Your Samsung Galaxy S6?

To exit from Safe Mode, please scroll down the Notification Bar and tap “Safe mode enabled, tap here to turn off Safe Mode”. You will get a pop up after you tap it, the pop up will say Turn off Safe Mode, then tap OK. The phone will reboot and exit to the normal mode as you can use all of your apps like how it is normally.

How to Boot Into Safe Mode on Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge?

You can use all of the explanations about Safe Mode in Samsung Galaxy S6 on your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, because both of them have the same way on how to operate the Safe Mode on the device.

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