How to Boot Into Safe Mode on Samsung Galaxy S5

Safe Mode is a useful feature in the operation of your Samsung Galaxy S5. Sometimes you can get certain harmful apps that can make your phone battery draining easily, the screen becoming unresponsive, or even it reboots randomly by itself.

It may become hard for you to uninstall the suspected applications because your phone keeps behave weirdly. In that situation, you can use the Safe Mode as your phone troubleshooting and try to uninstall the culprit securely if you find any of them.

How to Boot Into Safe Mode on Samsung Galaxy S5

How to Enter Safe Mode on Your Samsung Galaxy S5

These following explanations are the way on how you can enter the Safe Mode easily. Please keep an eye on it as Safe Mode feature in Galaxy S5 is really useful for your comfortable device operation.

Step 1: Switch OFF the Samsung Galaxy S5

You need to switch off your Samsung Galaxy S5 by pressing and holding Power button for several seconds. You will see the Power Menu, you can tap Power Off here. Please wait until your Galaxy S5 is switched off completely.

Step 2: Switch ON the Samsung Galaxy S5

You need to start the Safe Mode by pressing and holding the Power button to switch it on again after you switching it off. Please ensure that you press and hold the Power button until Samsung logo appears.

Step 3: Press and hold Volume Down until finish booting

When Samsung logo appears, you can release Power button, then imediately press and hold Volume Down. You have to ensure that you do it quickly so you can boot into Safe Mode. Hold the Volume Down until it finish booting.

Step 4: You will Safe Mode icon at the bottom left screen

In this stage, you will see your phone Galaxy S5 home screen shown up and you will see Safe Mode icon at the bottom left of the phone screen.

If you do all the steps correctly, you will reach Safe Mode and you are ready to fix your phone securely. You can go to Application Manager within your phone Settings. Please uninstall the apps that you see as the culprit that may cause the problems on your Samsung Galaxy S5.

You can remove and uninstall them safely without damaging your phone because you are in the Safe Mode. Now you can comfortably use your Safe Mode on your phone as the troubleshooter. You can take the best action to fix the problem after you identify it correctly.

How to Exit Safe Mode on Your Samsung Galaxy S5

It is important for you to know how to exit the Safe Mode on your Samsung Galaxy S5 after knowing how to enter it. These following explanations are some ways on how you can exit the Safe Mode easily.

Step 1: Please restart your phone

You need to restart your Galaxy S5 so that your phone will return back to the normal mode. You can do it by restarting the phone like how is it normally.

Step 2: Please remove the battery of your phone for a while

You can remove your phone battery for a while to exit from the Safe Mode. You can remove it and the put it back on your Galaxy S5 after about 3 minutes and your phone will be back to the normal mode.

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