How to Boot into Safe Mode on Nexus 5X

Guide to Boot into Safe Mode on Nexus 5X – Doze is a great feature to have in Nexus 5X. This feature is a smart feature that will learn the way you use your phone and recognize when you don’t use the phone, mostly at night time.

When it already recognizes the pattern, it will set the application into a deep sleep during the night and that simple thing will help greatly in reducing battery usage.

How to Boot into Safe Mode on Nexus 5X

Now, what if the battery of your Nexus 5X draining faster than you think it should be, although it already has the smart Doze feature? Well, there are lots of possible thing that may cause this issue, but commonly a 3rd party application that was poorly built or those who don’t get fully optimized is the one to blame.

If you have like tons of applications in your Nexus 5X, how do you know that the app is the one that cause the problem? What if the problem laid on the basic system of the phone or the Android OS itself, or perhaps the hardware part?

You can run a troubleshooting test to find out whether the real culprit is the 3rd party application, the internal system or the hardware. You can do this test by boot your device into safe mode.

Safe Mode is a special mode where your device will run just like it normally do, but without any 3rd party app in there. Every single app that you installed after you bought it will be disable temporarily until you get out of this mode and enter regular mode.

That is the main idea of using safe mode as a troubleshooting test for your Nexus 5X. If you find that the battery doesn’t draining as much as in regular mode, then you can be assure that one among those 3rd party applications in there is the cause of it.

Now, boot your Nexus 5X into safe mode is very easy indeed. Here is how you can do it:

  1. Wake up the phone and go into home screen.
  2. Press the Power button until you see a dialog show up on the screen saying “Power Off” and then let go the button.
  3. If you want to power off your phone, all you need to do is tap on this text. But in this case, you want to reboot your device into safe mode, so you need to tap and hold the text for several seconds.

  4. After several seconds, a new text or dialog box will appear that asking you whether you want to reboot the device into safe mode. All you need to do is tap the “OK” option and it will start to reboot into safe mode
  5. How do you know that you are already into safe mode or not?
  6. Pay attention on the bottom left of the screen. It should have a watermark text saying “Safe Mode” and you will find that the entire 3rd party app you have in there is grayed out and you can’t access any of it.

Now you can evaluate your phone performance and if there is no problem appears in this mode, then 3rd party app is the real culprit. What you need to do now is to find which app that because the problem and you may have to uninstall it one at a time to figure the whole thing, which is a very time consuming method but there is no other option in this case.

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