How to Boot into Safe Mode on LG G5

Guide to Boot into Safe Mode on LG G5 – People can do lots of things with their Android. The chance to modify things beyond the original form and shape is the one that makes many people fall in love with Android.

With so many applications out there, people can make their device look different or work a little bit differently. All people need to do is make their choice. But some things may go wrong. After all, Android is a very complex system and an app, or perhaps several apps may have bugs or have trouble adapting with the whole system.

How to Boot into Safe Mode on LG G5

When this kind of thing happens, the performance of your device or in this case LG G5 is the one that will get the impact. Until this day, there is no way how you can pinpoint the specific app that caused the problem. You can make a guess if the problem happens after you installing a new app or just updating one.

But, if your device starts to act out differently, the best thing you can do is to make sure that the 3rd party application is the one that cause the problem and not the hardware or the Android system itself. You can figure this out by using Safe Mode.

Here is how you can boot into Safe Mode on LG G5:

  1. Bring your phone to home screen.
  2. Press the hold Power button for several seconds until you see Power menu.
  3. Let go the Power button and you need to tap and hold “Power Off” option that appear on the screen.
  4. Keep doing this until you see a dialog box appear on the screen that shows you the information that your device is going to reboot into Safe Mode. Tap the “OK” option where it will bring you straight to Safe Mode.

In the Safe Mode, you will see a watermark at the bottom left of the screen that informs you that you are in Safe Mode. The entire 3rd party application will grayed out and you can’t access any of it. The only one that works in Safe Mode is core application that comes from the factory.

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Now this is your chance to analyze the things on your phone. If you have battery draining issue in normal mode, then you can check if the problem happens in the Safe Mode as well. If the battery work normal, you can be sure that 3rd party application is the one that cause the problem.

The same thing goes for other problem. If that problem doesn’t appear while you operate in Safe Mode, then 3rd party application is the culprit and there is nothing wrong with the system or the hardware of your phone.

The only thing left is to find out which app that causes the problem. You can disable or uninstall the app one at a time to find out the source of the problem. It is a tedious task, but since there is no other way to do it, then you need to do it one way or another.

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