How to Boot into Safe Mode on LG G4

Guide to Boot LG G4 to Safe Mode – Do you have problem with your LG G4 right now? Does it act strange or do you have some issue that does not exist before?

This kind of thing could happen to anyone and the problem could be varying from one person to another although they have the same device. Now, if you have some issue with your phone, you need to fix it right away so you can enjoy the benefit of the phone without any disturbance.

How to Boot into Safe Mode on LG G4

The thing is, sometimes you don’t have any idea what caused the problem in the first place. It could be anything from hardware problem, software problem or the problem with the OS.

You can try to comb through every possibility and start by finding out whether the problem caused by 3rd party app or not. In most cases, 3rd party app is the guilty party because it has bug or perhaps it is not fully compatible with the system you have in your device.

In order to find out if the 3rd party app is the guilty one, you can opt to boot into Safe Mode. In safe mode, the 3rd party app will not work at all.

This should help you to evaluate whether the problem that exist in normal mode appear in safe mode or not. If there is no problem, then one among those apps is the culprit and you need to figure out which one it is.

Now, here is how you can enter or boot your LG G4 to safe mode:

  1. Press and hold Power button on the device. When you do this, a Power menu will appear that gives you several options of things to do from power off the phone, reboot the phone and other option as well.
  2. When the Power menu appears, you need to tap and hold the Power Off option. Keep holding for several seconds until a dialog box appear. This dialog box inform you that you are about to enter Safe Mode.
  3. In this dialog box you can confirm your action whether you really want to boot into safe mode or not. If you do, then tap the “OK” option.
  4. Wait it up while the device boot into Safe Mode.

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Now you already enter Safe Mode. Check the bottom left of the screen. There is a notion of Safe Mode that will always be there as long as you use this mode.

As for the 3rd party app, it either will not be visible on the app drawer or it will be grayed out where you can’t access it.

Once you finished with your evaluation and decide whether the 3rd party app is the one that causing the problem, then you can reboot back your phone back to normal mode.

What you need to do is simply press and hold the Power button once again and you will see Power menu. Choose reboot option and now you can uninstall the app that you suspect as the culprit behind the problem you have.

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