How to Boot into Recovery Mode on OnePlus 3

Learn how to boot the OnePlus 3 into Recovery Mode that gives people access to boot their phone back to Fastboot Mode and also other kind of thing including wipe cache partition and install ADB.

There are different kinds of special mode that people can boot their OnePlus 3 into and one of them is Recovery Mode. Recovery Mode is the special mode that allow people to perform different kind of action that they want such as wipe cache partition, boot to fastboot mode, install ADB, and factory reset.

Boot into Recovery Mode on OnePlus 3

OnePlus 3 Recovery Mode

If for some reason people want to boot their OnePlus 3 into Recovery Mode, then they need to know how to do it. The process is not too complicated and with little practice, everyone should be able to do it.

Here is the guide to boot OnePlus 3 into Recovery Mode:

  1. First thing to do is to Power Off the device.
  2. After the phone is off, user need to press and hold two buttons in the same time, the Power button and Volume Down button.
  3. Keep pressing both buttons until the OnePlus and Android Splash Screen appear.
  4. When the phone has reboot to Recovery Mode, then user can release their hold on both buttons.
  5. The screen should show language selection options. User can choose the language they prefer or in this case English. Just tap on English option.
  6. If you made mistake by tap the wrong language option, you can reset it back by tap on the right capacitive button. It will bring the phone back to the language selection screen.
  7. Now the Recovery Mode is ready to use.

Unlike most Android device, in OnePlus 3 user can use its touch screen. They can tap the available option on Recovery Mode for faster access, or they also can use Volume Up, Volume Down and Power button to navigate it all around. After that, user can reboot the phone back to normal regular mode and use the phone back.

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