How to Boot into Recovery Mode on Nexus 5X

Guide to Boot into Recovery Mode on Nexus 5X – If you have a smartphone such as Nexus 5X, then it is not enough for you to know only how to operate it and use the whole feature in it.

You also need to know how you can boot into different special mode such as recovery mode, where you can do different things to help your device free from any problem and also improve its performance.

How to Boot into Recovery Mode on Nexus 5X

Boot into recovery mode gives you the ability to do things that will help your device to perform better. Some of the things you can do in this mode are:

  • Performing factory reset. If you got stuck with bootloop after you installing modification such as Xposed Framework or for any other reason, you can always perform factory reset to bring the phone back to its original state with no such problem.
  • Manually update OTA in your phone without have to wait for it to be pushed into your device. This way you will save more time, and you can enjoy the new OTA as soon as possible without have to wait too long.
  • Wipe cache partition. When the cache has been corrupted or too much to handle, you can wipe them all out from recovery mode.

As you can see, you can do lots of thing in this special mode and although you may not need it right now, you may have to do it sometime in the future, so why don’t you learn how to do it right now. Here is how you can do it and you will be surprise on how easy to do it:

  1. Turn OFF your device first, which is the standard thing to do if you ever want to boot into any special mode in your device.
  2. Boot it first into Fastboot Mode.
  3. In Fastboot Mode, all you need to do is press Volume Down button two times in a row where it will highlighted the “Recovery” option.
  4. To select this option, press Power button since you can’t use touch screen.
  5. Once you select recovery option, pay attention on your screen. You should see the green Android robot lay on its back and you will also see exclamation mark on top of it. This is a sign that you had done it right and you are close to recovery mode.
  6. Now press Power button and then Volume Up button without release the first button. If you done it correctly, it will take you instantly to Recovery Mode.

In recovery mode, you will see several options that pretty similar like the one in fastboot mode. Now, what you need to do is navigate through the option using Volume Up and Volume Down button and of course using Power button to select the option you already highlighted before.

When you are done with it, find the “Reboot System Now” option and choose it, where it boot the device back to regular mode and you can use it again. It is that easy and that simple.

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