How to Boot into Recovery Mode on LG G4

Process on Booting to Recovery Mode on LG G4 – Just like its predecessor the LG G3, LG G4 also has the special mode called Recovery Mode. This is one among several special modes that you can boot into with this device where you can do things that you can’t do from normal mode.

As for recovery mode itself, this is where you can do factory reset that will bring your phone back to its original state, just like when it was still fresh out of the box.

How to Boot into Recovery Mode on LG G4

Recovery Mode also gives you access to the installed custom recovery, if you already installed one before. Some people use CWM custom recovery while other prefers TWRP or other custom recovery option out there.

For whatever reason that you have in mind when you want to access recovery mode, you can do it right now by following this simple guide:

  1. Turn OFF the phone completely. This is the basic step that you need to do before you can boot into almost any special mode in Android device.
  2. When the device has powered down, then you can do the next step. Here you need to press and hold two buttons in the same time for several seconds, the Power button and Volume Down button.
  3. Keep doing this until you see LG logo appear on the screen. When the logo is appear, release both buttons but for 1 seconds only.
  4. Remember that release both buttons just for 1 seconds before you press and hold them once again.
  5. When you do it right, the device will boot into Recovery Mode where you can see it on the screen and this is where you can release both buttons and do what you need to do with it.

Now you already enter recovery mode on your LG G4. In most cases, when using special mode you can’t use the touch screen. You must use the old fashioned way to navigate through the menu and the options in there.

There are three important buttons to use in recovery mode, the Volume Up and Volume Down button that you use to move from one option to another, and Power button that you use to select the appropriate option.

On the stock recovery mode, there are not too many options to choose. Most people enter this mode only to perform factory reset and when it’s done, they can go back to normal mode.

That is not the case if you already installed custom recovery in your device. You will find more option of the things that you can do from recovery mode. When you already finished there, you can exit and reboot back your device to normal mode and use the phone like usual.

No matter what, it is very useful to know how to boot into recovery mode in LG G4, just in case you really need to perform factory reset sometime in the future. If that is the case, remember to back up the whole data in your device first because factory reset will wipe out everything you have in there.

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