How to Boot into Recovery Mode on HTC One M9

Boot into Recovery Mode on HTC One M9 – First thing first, people need to understand that with a complex system such as Android smartphone, problem is bound to happen sooner or later.

There are so many things to deal with such as app and complex setting and one mistake can makes the device goes into error and unable to boot. This could happen to anyone and to any kind of device no matter the brand is.

How to Boot into Recovery Mode on HTC One M9

When things go wrong, people usually go to Recovery Mode where they can solve any issue with the device. But in HTC One M9, things are a little bit different because HTC has no recovery mode anymore.

They also has removed Fastboot Mode and replaced it into Download Mode. So, when bad things happen, how do HTC One M9 owner deal with it, since there is no such thing as Recovery Mode anymore.

Well, the answer is easy. The owner of the device needs to boot into the Fastboot or Download Mode and they can performed the action that was needed to deal with the issue.

Here is how people can boot into what we used to call as Recovery Mode or in this case Fastboot / Download Mode:

  1. Boot into Fastboot Mode on HTC One M9.
  2. How to boot into fastboot mode? First thing that people need to do is go to Settings and unchecked or disabled Fast Boot feature, so you can turn off your device completely before you can move to the next step. Then power off your device completely.

    When the device has turn off completely, you need to hold and press Power button and Volume Down button in the same time. Keep holding both buttons for several seconds until the device starts to boot up and enter Fastboot Mode. Only when the Fastboot menu appears then people can release both buttons.

  3. In this mode, people can choose the appropriate action to deal with the problem they have in the device.
  4. Now, in special mode like this one, the touch screen won’t work temporarily and the only way to navigate through the menu is by using Volume Up and Volume Down, and to choose specific action, people can use Power button.

It is that simple. Remember that in HTC One M9, there is no more recovery mode. The owner can access the whole thing that they need to perform by entering Fastboot or Download Mode. The name may different but that is not a problem, as long as it has all the options that used to present in recovery mode.

So, if you owned a HTC One M9 and you want to perform a specific action that you used to do in recovery mode, go to fastboot or download mode instead and you will find everything there. Now, you can deal with any problem that may happen anytime with your device by using this special mode.

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