How to Boot into Recovery Mode on Galaxy Note 5

Guide to Boot into Recovery Mode on Galaxy Note 5 – Doing factory reset is one of the obvious reasons why you want to boot your Galaxy Note 5 into Recovery Mode.

There could be some problem with your device such as battery draining issue, slower performance or even a custom modification that didn’t work out, and the only thing that you can do to solve those issues are by doing factory reset.

How to Boot into Recovery Mode on Galaxy Note 5

There is other reason why you want to do factory reset such as when you want to sell your device back and want to have the entire personal data in there is wipe out completely.

Factory reset is not the only this that you can do from Recovery Mode. It also allows you to access custom recovery that you already installed before such as CWM and TWRP.

Booting into Recovery Mode is not that hard, where all you need to do is pressing and holds several buttons in the same time. Here are the complete steps on how to boot into Recovery Mode on Galaxy Note 5:

  1. Turn OFF the device first.
  2. When it’s already turned off completely, press and hold three buttons in the same time, the Power button, Home button and Volume Up button
  3. Keep pressing those three buttons for several seconds until there is a message that appears on the top of the screen saying “Recovery Booting“. Only when this message appear than you can release your hold on those buttons.
  4. Wait for a while until the booting process is complete and now you enter the Recovery Mode.
  5. In this special mode, the touch screen won’t respond so the only thing that you can do to navigate through the options is by using Volume Up and Down buttons, and to make a selection, use Power button. But if you already installed custom recovery in your device, then you will be able to use touch screen to go through the menu.
  6. When you already finished in this Recovery Mode, then you leave and go back to normal mode by selecting “Reboot System Now” option on the menu. Use Power button to choose this option and in a moment your device will reboot and enter normal mode where you can use it like you normally do.

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The whole process is very simple and will be done in no time. But, you may need to try it several times until you get the hang of it and able to enter Recovery Mode successfully.

As for you who already root your device, then there is another option to enter Recovery Mode using specific application such as Flashify. With this app, you can instruct your device to go into Recovery Mode while the device is still on and there is no need to turn it off first and press several buttons in the same time.

No matter how you boot into Recovery Mode, the main idea is just the same. You can get access to do different things with your Galaxy Note 5 including factory reset, which has proven to be one of the most effective solutions to deal with many issues regarding your device.

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