How to Boot into Fastboot Mode on HTC One M9

Guide to Boot into Fastboot Mode on HTC One M9 – There are some special modes that you can activate on your Android device and for HTC One M9, you get something called Fastboot mode.

This is a special mode that allows you to do different things that normally inaccessible through normal mode. There are various reasons why you want to boot into Fastboot Mode, such as wanting to perform factory reset, unlock the bootloader, enter recovery mode and so on.

How to Boot into Fastboot Mode on HTC One M9

Now, here is the thing about fastboot mode in HTC. HTC user must have been pretty familiar with fastboot mode, but recently HTC has removed this mode from their phone.

It means that in HTC One M9, you won’t be able to find fastboot mode, instead you will find something called as Download Mode.

The process to get into download mode is exactly the same with entering fastboot mode, and the menu inside is pretty similar with the difference laid on its appearance.

Perhaps it will be easier to say that fastboot mode and download is practically the same one with different name and different look.

Here is how you can enter or boot into Fastboot Mode (or Download Mode) from your HTC One M9:

  1. Go to Settings application.
  2. In this setting, you need to make sure that Fast Boot feature is not activated. This features is a way where your device will restart itself without fully shutting it down in the first place. You need to unchecked or disabled this feature from Settings application so you can turn off your device completely.

  3. Turn OFF the device.
  4. Once you disable Fast Boot feature, then you need to turn off or power off your device like you normally do.

  5. Press Power button and Volume Down button.
  6. You need to press and hold both buttons after the device has turn off completely. Keep pressing until the device will boot into fastboot mode and this is where you can let go the buttons.

Now, just like any special mode in Android device, you can’t use the touch screen technology here. Instead, you use Volume Up and Down button to navigate and highlight the menu in fastboot mode.

When you arrive at the menu that you want to perform such as factory reset or SIM lock features, then you need to make sure that you highlighted the option and then press Power button to select it.

It was that easy. The process is just the same but the name may different right now. The most important thing is that you can find the option of action that meets your need in this special mode. Whether it was to enter recovery mode, perform factory reset, SIM lock, Check SmartSD, execute ADB commands and so on.

Once you finished with whatever you need to do in fastboot mode, you can choose to reboot the device back to normal. Don’t forget to enable Fast Boot feature in Settings application once you finished in this special mode and you can use your phone like you used to do.

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