How to Boot into Fastboot / Download Mode on LG G5

Guide to Boot to Fastboot / Download Mode on LG G5 – Perhaps you didn’t realize that Android has build a secret or hidden area inside their system where people such as technician and now you, can access the internal system of your device and make some changes on it.

This hidden area called as fastboot mode or perhaps you ever heard it with other name such as bootloader mode or download mode, the name that goes for the same area for device from other manufacture.

How to Boot into Fastboot / Download Mode on LG G5

Perhaps you think that fastboot mode is not so different with recovery mode. Both modes do offer people access to do things with their device. Recovery mode is the special mode where people can make change such as tweak the system, create backup, optimize the system or customize it.

Fastboot / Download Mode gives people ability to update or downgrade their device, in this case LG G5. It also gives people access to gain root access to their device as well as unlock the bootloader on the device.

As you can see, the things you can do in fastboot mode is more advanced than the one you can do from recovery mode, and you really need to learn about it if you are serious about Android.

The best thing that you can do by enter Fastboot / Download Mode on your LG G5 is to be able to manually upgrade the device with official Android firmware. By doing this manually, you can get the versions of OTA you want without have to wait for the notification, and you also can apply the OTA on a rooted device.

Now, if you really want to enter fastboot mode and manually update or downgrade the system, you need to know how to do it. But first, you must back up the whole data in your LG G5 and that include personal data, audio data, images, videos, call logs, contacts, current ROM, IMEI data and other similar data.

Why you need to do this? Remember that when you make the change on the internal system of your device, you can wipe out the data on it. So let’s play safe and back up the data first before you move to the next step.

When you already have everything stored up safely in other places, then you can enter Fastboot / Download Mode safely. There are several methods that you actually can try to enter fastboot mode but let’s stick to the easiest method and that is by using hardware button on your LG G5.

  1. Prepare a USB cable and a computer.
  2. Turn OFF your device completely. You can do that by pressing the Power button and hold it for several seconds, or press Power button and using Power menu, choose “Turn Off” device.
  3. When the device is OFF, press and hold two buttons, the Power button and Volume Up button in the same time for several seconds.
  4. In the same time, get the USB cable and use it to connect your device with your computer to create a connection.
  5. When you see Fastboot / Download Mode mode is being displayed, then you can release those buttons.

Now you already enter Fastboot / Download Mode on your LG G5 and you can start to make the changes that you want from this special mode.

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  1. On LG’s Stylo 2 that came out in April 2016 I believe…. there is no known way to boot into the bootloader for purposes of using FASTBOOT. Android recovery is all you get with power & volume+ buttons and you have to release power and press it again at the LG screen to get into that.
    Other words, this method may work on LG’s G5, but definitely not the Boost/Sprint variant of LG’s Stylo 2.


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