How to Boot into Download Mode on HTC One M9

Guide to Boot into Download Mode on HTC One M9 – HTC user that has used HTC device for a long time may find that this new mode called Download Mode has the same process to get into it like the Fastboot Mode.

The difference laid in the way it looks and also the option in the menu as well, although people may find most of the option is the same one like the one they can find in Fastboot Mode.

How to Boot into Download Mode on HTC One M9

There are many things that people can do in Download Mode, and the most popular action is to root and install custom recovery.

One important thing that people should pay attention here is that when they want to install custom recovery into their HTC One M9, they must make sure that the bootloader has been unlocked or it will not work. Up until this day, there is no way to bypass this process in order to install custom recovery.

If you owned a HTC One M9 and want to boot into Download Mode, then you need to follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings application.
  2. In this part, you need to make sure that Fast Boot feature is not activated. This feature is a way of the HTC to prevent the device from fully shutting down before it will restart itself. You need to unchecked or disabled this feature from Settings application so you can turn off your device completely before you can move to the next step.

  3. Turn OFF the device.
  4. Once you disable Fast Boot feature, then you need to turn off or power off your device like you normally do. If the Fast Boot feature is still activated, you won’t be able to do this.

  5. Press Power button and Volume Down button.
  6. You need to press and hold both buttons after the device has turn off completely. Keep pressing until the device will boot into fastboot mode and this is where you can let go the buttons.

Now you already enter Download Mode, so you can go and find the right action to perform by using Volume Up and Down button to move and highlight the available options.

There are many options to choose such as factory reset and of course the option to install custom recovery. When you already find the right action to perform, highlight it and press Power button to select it.

Remember that you need to know exactly what you are doing in the first place. If you doubt about something or feeling unsure about the available options in this menu, then stay clear of it and focus only on what you came from.

There is no need to tweak around if you don’t have any idea of what you are doing or you will end up messing with the whole system of your phone.

Once you completed the things you need to do from this special mode, then you can reboot back to normal mode and used your phone again.

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