How to Boot into Download Mode on Galaxy Note 5

Guide to Boot into Download Mode on Galaxy Note 5 – There is a special mode in Samsung Galaxy 5 where user can do a whole lot of different things in it and it’s called as Download Mode or Odin Mode.

Why do people want to boot their phone into this special mode? There are various reasons for this action such as:

How to Boot into Download Mode on Galaxy Note 5

  • Flash an official Samsung firmware onto the device.
  • This will help people to get a much better result than just a simple factory reset and it also can help people to go back to the stock. Just in case that the phone owner didn’t particularly like the new firmware that was just released, then they can enter Odin Mode, flash an official Samsung firmware and get their device downgraded.

  • This special mode also allow people to flash a custom recovery or SuperSU into their device.
  • The technician also use this mode to do some repairs on the lower level or the basic level of Samsung device

There are various reasons why people want to boot into Odin Mode and this is where this simple guide comes to help. This guide will help people like you to boot into Download or Odin Mode to do any of the above actions. But be very careful when using this special mode.

Remember that Download Mode gives people the access to lower or basic level of the device, where everything about the phone started. Messing around with this mode will give you some trouble or even huge trouble where you could lose some of the phone functionality.

You and anyone else who are going to boot into Download Mode need to know exactly what are you doing and how are you going to do that, to prevent any problems in the future.

Here is how you can boot into Download or Odin mode on Galaxy Note 5:

  1. Turn OFF the device completely before you do anything else.
  2. When the device already turned off, press and hold three buttons in the same time, the Power buttons, Home button and Volume Down button
  3. Keep pressing those buttons until the Download Mode menu appears on the screen. It is very possible that you need to do this a couple of times before you can manage to enter Download Mode, so keep trying in there.
  4. When the Download Mode menu appear on the screen then you can let go those buttons.
  5. A warning message will show up to inform you that you are going to enter Download Mode. Use Volume Up button to accept this warning message before you can move any further.

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Once you enter Download Mode, you can do exactly the things you want to do such as flashing an official Samsung firmware or other things like that. As long as you know what you are doing, then there should be no problem or whatsoever.

Once you finished in there, you can go out from Download Mode by press and hold Power button and Volume Down button, and enjoy the changes that you have done to your device.

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