How to Fix Samsung Galaxy A7 2017 that Won’t Turn On

How to Fix Samsung Galaxy A7 2017 that Wont Turn On

True and tested method that you can try on your own without have to resort to professional when you find your Samsung Galaxy A7 2017 don’t respond to your command and it won’t turn at all, leave you with unusable smartphone.

One day you find that your Samsung Galaxy A7 2017 don’t respond when you press the Power button while trying to bring it back on. What will you do in this case? Why don’t you try to work on some things on your own, something that could help bring the phone back to life.

There are true and tested methods that you can try without have to resort to professional people and the methods are:

Charge the Smartphone

In most cases, phones that won’t turn on happen because it runs out of juice. No power on the battery means no power to bring the phone back to life and the solution is to charge the device. It is as simple as that, and it works for all sort of phone, not only Galaxy A7 2017.

If you suspect that your smartphone is indeed run out of power, then charge it for a couple of minutes before you give it one more try. If the phone has run out of power for quite a while, then you may have to wait longer before turning it back on, say around 10 to 15 minutes.

During the charging process, you should notice two indicators showing that it really charges. The LED indicator light should on, no matter what color it is, and it should show charging icon on the screen. If one or both indicators didn’t show up, get ready to try for other methods.

Reboot the Smartphone

If the phone has enough power but it won’t turn on, then perhaps there is system crash or glitch that happens to it. In this case, try to forced reboot the phone. You have to forced reboot it because you can’t reboot it normally. Press and hold the “Power” button and “Volume Down” button together and keep it that way for 10 seconds or more. It will stimulate the battery and the system to reboot and turn it back on.

Safe Mode

If the charging process shows good sign, you may want to boot the phone in “Safe Mode” first. In Safe Mode, the whole third party apps are disabled temporary. It means only the system, hardware and the built in apps that will work in this mode. Third party app is known for causing such issue, so it is worth to try to make sure whether those app the real culprit or not.

Recovery Mode

Bring the phone to “Recovery Mode” is the next step to try if you can’t boot the phone to “Safe Mode”. In Recovery Mode, the phone will not load up the Android interface, only the hardware part. If you can boot the phone in this mode and not having it work on Safe Mode, then you may get some problem with the firmware.

If you find that you got issue with the firmware or perhaps the hardware itself and you don’t know how to deal with it, then bringing in the phone to technician is the next most logical step to take. These technicians know exactly what to do to fix this issue and let them do their job so you can have your phone back.

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