How to Fix Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 that Won’t Turn On

How to Fix Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 that Wont Turn On

Step by step guide to help you deal with your Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 that for no obvious reason won’t turn on, where this entire troubleshooting guide is something that you can do on your own without help from professional.

For no obvious reason, you find that your Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 won’t turn on. What are you going to do in this situation? Before you get panicked and resort to professional help, why don’t you try something on your own. There are couples of things to try, before you let the professional do the job for you.

Before you getting started, you need to aware of possible reasons why your phone won’t turn on. It is possible that the battery was depleted or running out of juice, perhaps there is system crash or app crash, or perhaps the problem happen because the power button is stuck and didn’t work at it should be. Those are only the possible reasons for this problem and when you know it, you can start to work on this problem all by yourself.

Method 1: Forced Reboot

Back in the old time, whenever a phone get stuck or freeze, the owner simply release the battery, let it sit for a while before put it back on and turn on the phone. In this day, where most smartphone comes with non-removable battery, this action is simply can’t be done. But, you have the option to forced reboot the phone, which is basically the same thing as pull out the battery. To do just, just press and hold “Power” button and “Volume Down” button together for a couple of seconds until it reboot on its own.

Method 2: Charge the Phone

Forced reboot the phone is the first step to take, but if it’s not working then perhaps you may want to consider that power on the battery. If the battery has running out its power, it won’t turn on, no matter what you do with it. In this case, charge your Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 and make sure that the charging icon is show up on the screen. Leave the phone for a while so it charges the battery sufficiently before you try to turn it on.

Method 3: Safe Mode

As it mentioned before, it is possible that the phone won’t turn on because there are system crash or several app that crashes down and messed up with the system. If you think that app crashes is the reason for this problem, you can try to boot the phone into “Safe Mode”. In Safe Mode, the entire 3rd party app will be disabled temporary and won’t disturb the system. If indeed the app is the culprit, then you should have no problem booting up the phone in Safe Mode.

Method 4: Recovery Mode

In this method, you want to know if the phone is capable to turn on the hardware part only and not the Android interface. If you can boot the phone into Recovery Mode, you got no problem with the hardware and most likely the problem laid on the firmware.

Method 5: Professional Help

This is where everything that you have tries to work on bear no result. Bring your Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 to trusted technician and let them work it for you. If it still possible, get your device replaced with the new one.

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