How to Fix Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 that Won’t Charge

How to Fix Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 that Wont Charge

Understand the reason why your Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 won’t charge and find out all the things that you do about it to fix this issue so the charging process will run smoothly as before and you can get your phone back.

One day, your Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 won’t charge. It happen out of nowhere because it works nicely before. In this case, you can try to do a couple of things starting by analyzing the whole thing and determine the cause of this issue.

Once you know what caused it, you can find the best act to deal with it and end the problem. Remember that different case may caused by different thing, so it is important to work it through the whole possibility to find the real solution.

Glitch with Hardware and Firmware

A glitch that happens on the phone hardware and or firmware may lead to this issue. This is the first thing that you may want to consider. In this case, the best way to deal with this issue is by reboot your Galaxy A5 2017. Reboot the phone will clear up any glitch or crashes that happen on the system so you can resume with the charging process.

Problem with the Charger

If the phone won’t charge, then you also must check the charger that you used. In this area, there are several possibilities to check that will lead you to the best solution:

  • Loose connection. Loose connection means the current didn’t flow as it should be, hence it makes the phone won’t charge. Check this possibility by holding the phone at various angles while charging it. If in one particular angle the phone charge, then perhaps you got some loose connection in there.
  • Problem with power adapter and port. Check the power adapter and port, make sure that both part are not broken, burnt or having something such as debris that stand in the way. If necessary, clean the port using Q-tips or small brushes to get the debris and dust out.
  • Broken cable. Run your finger along the USB cable you use to charge the phone. If something bump out or not smooth as it should be, you may got yourself broken cable. Try to use different USB cable and if the problem solve, then you found the culprit.
  • Problem with the charger overall. Check this possibility by charging the phone wirelessly. If it works, then you need to get yourself a new charger because obviously your old one is usable no more.

Problem with the System

Sometimes, this issue happens right after the phone owner updates their device. If that so, then you got a firmware issue. Remember that firmware play important part in how your phone works.

If somehow the latest update you installed in there didn’t work out well, then it may lead to various issues including this one. Perform master reset to solve this issue, and while you at it; don’t forget to back up the data you got in there first.

When nothing works, then you obviously run out the solution that you can try on your own. Bring your Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 to professional tech and let them run the test, figure out the cause of this problem, fix it and return the phone back to you.

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