How to Fix Galaxy A5 2017 Battery Temperature Too Low

How to Fix Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 Battery Temperature Too Low

Learn how to detect the possible cause of the battery temperature too low issue and how to solve it on Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 before you decide to bring the phone to technician or even return the damaged phone to Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 Battery Temperature Too Low – Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 does have its own share of issue. One of them is low temperature battery that usually make the phone won’t charge. In this case, as the phone owner, you can learn to detect the real cause of it and then take the appropriate action.

Start with the possibility that indeed the temperature is way too low. If you live in cold area or you put the phone in cold place, then consider to move it to warm area and see how it goes. If the problem is really low temperature, then your phone should start charging normally once it get warm.

The same thing could happen if the phone is wet, which will bring the temperature down. In this case, clean the phone with soft and clean towel, and then dry it up either by placed it in windy area or perhaps put it inside rice box. Rice will absorb the moisture from the phone. When the phone is thoroughly dried, charge it and see whether the problem solved or not.

Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 has a built in temperature sensor. It is possible that this temperature sensor is not working properly, thus reading the temperature incorrectly, in this case as below the standard and make it unable to charge.

If this is the problem, perhaps you need to replace this component with new one. There are many Samsung components that are available for sale and you may want to check whether this one count or not.

Then there is always a possibility that the problem laid with the battery. If this is the case, then you may need to consult this matter with professional technician. Or, if the phone is still in warranty and it is indeed a defect product, you may get new replacement for that phone.

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