How to Fix Samsung Galaxy A3 2017 that Won’t Turn On

Samsung Galaxy A3 2017 that Wont Turn On

Learn how to fix your Samsung Galaxy A3 2017 that refuse to turn on with a couple of steps that you can do on your own without have to bring it to professional technician that will take some time before you can have it back again.

Galaxy A3 2017 from Samsung is a fine device. But no matter how perfect a device designed by the technician, there is always some sort of issue that pop up later. The device that won’t turn on is one of those issues that happen to Samsung Galaxy A3 2017. When it happens to you, either you take it to nearest Samsung technician or you can try to work it on your own using the steps below.

Forced Reboot the Device

Start it by forced reboot the device. It is possible that a system crash happens and if that it is the case, forced reboot (similar with pulling out the battery) will solve the case. You can forced reboot the device by press and hold “Power” keys and “Volume Down” keys in the same time for about 10 seconds. It will force the device to reboot and turn it on (as long as it still has enough power on the battery).

Charge the Device

If there is no power on the battery, the device won’t turn on no matter what you do. So, try to charge it and leave it for a couple of while before make any attempt to turn it back on. During the charging process, make sure that the charging icon is displayed on the screen and the LED indicator light is on. If both indications didn’t show up, then probably something wrong with the charger or with the phone itself.

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Boot the Device into Safe Mode

If the charging process run normal and it shows both indications, then try to boot the device into “Safe Mode”. In Safe Mode, the entire third party application will be disabled temporary. It will help you to figure out the source of this issue, perhaps one of those third party app is causing trouble with the phone.

Boot the Device into Recovery Mode

If the phone won’t boot into “Safe Mode”, it is time to move to the next step. Try to boot the device into “Recovery Mode”. In Recovery Mode, the Android interface won’t be load up so it won’t interfere with the system. If the phone able to boot up successfully, the there is problem with the firmware or the Android system itself. But if it doesn’t work, then there could be some issue with the hardware that require further check up.

Work with Professional Technician

If nothing works, then it is time to take your Galaxy A3 2017 to Samsung technician and have them check the device for you. Let them analyze the device and fix whatever issue that makes the phone won’t turn on.

If, for some reason, the technician unable to fix the phone, then you will get a new replacement for your Samsung Galaxy A3 2017, as long as you are still within grace or guarantee period. Hopefully these steps will help you solve this issue right away so you can get your phone back in no time.

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