How to Fix Samsung Galaxy A3 2017 that Won’t Charge

How to Fix Samsung  Galaxy A3 2017 that Wont Charge

The troubleshooting guide for you who have problem with Samsung Galaxy A3 2017 that won’t charge without any indication before, where you can try it on your own and solve the problem in no time and get your phone back.

What if, suddenly your Samsung Galaxy A3 2017 won’t charging? This problem happens out of nowhere and shows no indication or whatsoever. Do not worry yet, because this kind of thing could happen to anyone and it happen for different reason. Stay calm and follow these troubleshooting guides that hopefully will solve the issue without you have to carry the phone to the technician.

Reboot the Phone

When the phone won’t charge, do not panic. It is possible that the phone hardware or firmware has a glitch or perhaps there is system crash. That kind of issue may cause the phone won’t charge.

To deal with it, try to reboot the phone first. A system crash and small glitch in the firmware should be gone after you reboot the phone and it means the charging process will run smoothly as before.

Experiment with Phone Angles during Charging Time

Perhaps the reason why your Samsung Galaxy A3 2017 won’t charge is because the current didn’t flow correctly. It may happen when the cable is loose or there is problem with USB port. You can check this possibility by move the cable at different angles during charging time.

If there is a sign of successful charging process, then try to keep the cable on that angle. This is a temporary solution, because you have to get the phone check up to make sure where the problem lies, is it on the USB port or on the charger cable.

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Power Adapter and Port Inspection

Other possibility that may cause this problem laid on the power adaptor and port. Power adaptor is where the current flows from the electricity source to the cable and end in the phone receptor. Check the power adaptor, if there is something wrong with it, then the phone won’t charge normally.

Check the port as well. Make sure there is no debris, dust or everything else that stand in the way. If necessary, clean the port using Q-tips. Check for the sign of corrosion or lint that makes the phone won’t charge.

Inspect the USB Cable

USB cable is also important part for the charging process. You need to check this part as well. Run your fingers to the whole length of the cable. If something feels unusual such as bump, then perhaps the cable is broken inside. Try to use other USB cable that has the same specification with the one you use currently. If the other cable works, then your old cable needs to be replaced with new one.

Master Reset / Hard Reset

Sometimes this problem happens only after you update the device. In this case, a firmware issue may cause the problem in the first place. Performing master reset will bring the phone back to its factory state and hopefully solve this issue. Don’t forget to back up your data first before you perform master reset.

If nothing works, then taking your Samsung Galaxy A3 2017 to a technician is the only way out. Perhaps you can get a new replacement, if the device is still new and the technician unable to solve this issue for you.

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