How to Fix Freezing and Unresponsive Issue on LG V20

Freezing device and unresponsive touch screen on LG V20 is very annoying, yet there are possible solutions that are worth to try that will bring this problem to an end where user can have the phone back to normal.

A complex device such as LG V20 may encounter problem without people ever expected before. Problem such as freezing device or perhaps unresponsive issue will halt on whatever people do with this phone. Luckily there are some solutions to try where it should get rid of this problem for good.

Freezing and Unresponsive Issue on LG V20

A non permanent fix for this unresponsive issue is a simple restart. Just press Power button and then select Power Off or Restart should make this problem go away, at least for a while. Or user can force restart it by pressing Power button for a couple of seconds.

It is possible that there is something in LG V20 system that not working properly. In this case, getting the latest update may solve the problem. Go to Settings > General > About Phone > Update Center > Software Update, to check it. After that, go to Play Store, tap the three horizontal lines on top of the screen, tap My Apps & Games > Update All.

Corrupted cache data could be the cause of it so wipe them all out should clear this issue. Wipe out cache from the phone from Settings > General > Storage & USB > Cached Data and tap OK to confirm it.

Go to Settings > General > Memory > Memory Used by Apps. Look for something suspicious, such as an app that taken too many memory. There could be problem with that particular app, so it will be better to disable or uninstall that app and check whether the problem still around or not.

Last thing to try is factory reset. Always make sure to back up the whole data first before performing this action. After that, go to Settings > General > Backup & Reset > Factory Data Reset, and wait until the process is complete. The phone will go back to its original factory setting and hopefully the problem will no longer bothering the user anymore.

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